I am trying to solve a problem from Hackerearth. I'm able to solve sample testcases but somehow when I am submitting the solution it gives time limit exceeded error or wrong output message.


Little Dipu is a small kid and like all the other kids, he likes to play, but he plays with numbers (He is extraordinary you know). Now-a-days Dipu has some extra interest in odd numbers. So, he says that a number N is interesting if it has odd number of divisors. Now Dipu turns to you and asks you to tell him how many interesting numbers are there between two given numbers, L and R (both inclusive).


First line of input contains the number of test cases T. Each of the next T lines contains two space separated integers L and R.


For each test case, output an integer, denoting the count of interesting numbers between L and R (both inclusive).

1 <= T <= 100000 
1 <= L <= R <= 1018 
1 3
6 10


In 1st test case, 1 has 1 divisor, 2 has 2 divisors and 3 also has 2 divisors. So only 1 has odd number of divisors. Hence count of interesting numbers is 1.

In 2nd test case, 9 is the only number to have odd number of divisors. So answer is again 1.

My Code:

n = int(input())

for _ in range(n):
    i,j = [int(k) for k in input().split(" ")]

    s = 0
    for l1 in range(i, j):
        count = len([l1 for l2 in range(l1) if l1%(l2+1)==0])

        if count%2 !=0:
            s += 1


How can I improve above code?


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