I have a class called HtmlFile which has a method called generate. The generate() method is responsible for generating an html file from handlebars template and data object provided in the HtmlFile class constructor.

I am confused on what code design should I use for this use case and what variable names to choose.

class HtmlFile {
public file: any = null;
private template: any = null;
private data: any = null;
constructor(templatePath: string, params: any) {
    this.template = path.resolve(templatePath);
    this.data = params;

public async generate() {
    try {
        const error = this._validate();
        if (error) {
            throw error;
        const fileContent = fs.readFileSync(this.template, "utf8");
        const html = handlebars.compile(fileContent)(this.data);
        return html;
    } catch (e) {
        throw e;

private _validate() {
    let errStr: any = null;
    if (typeof this.template !== "string") {
        errStr = `expected template path to be a string, instead got 
      ${typeof this.template}`;
    if (typeof this.data !== "object") {
        errStr = `expected data to be an object, instead got ${typeof 
    return errStr;

And I am using this class in the following manner:

let htmlFile = new HtmlFile("./src/templates/sample.hbs", invoiceOptions);
const html: any = await htmlFile.generate();
return html;

I also want suggestions on what variable names I should use in place of htmlFile and html.


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