I have two methods which are GetMinimumSize() and GetMaximumSize(). They return the maximum size of the window, and they take one parameter, which is an enum either WindowSizeLimitParam::Width, or WindowSizeLimitParam::Height, because of course, we want to specify which maximum or minimum we want to get.

Here is the enum

enum class WindowSizeLimitParam
    Width = 0,
    Height = 1

Some time ago, I didn't have this enum, and I just had 4 methods which were just for min size width, min size height, max size width, and max size height, but for the sake of shortness, I decided to do it with an enum. So my question is, is this a good design choice? Using an enum to specify the size type which we want to get? Keep in mind I have other methods like setting size or getting size, but they don't use enums, they are GetWidth(), GetHeight(), SetWidth(), SetHeight(). If I'm using an enum for the size limit, should i use an enum here and just have SetSize() and GetSize() in which i pass an enum?

Is it generally a good idea to use enums if you are developing an API, which is kind of what I am doing here.


It's important to be consistent - if you already have GetWidth, GetHeight, SetWidth and SetHeight then it makes sense to have GetMinimumWidth, GetMinimumHeight, GetMaximumWidth, and GetMaximumHeight.

An alternative approach is to retrieve every value in a struct, which further simplifies your API surface and may improve performance if you expect a consumer to call most other getters:

struct WindowSizeInfo
    const int width, minWidth, maxWidth;
    const int height, minHeight, maxHeight;

WindowSizeInfo Window::GetSize()
    return WindowSizeInfo( ... );
  • \$\begingroup\$ Thank you very much. It really is a better way of doing it when I give it a second thought \$\endgroup\$ – Christian Panov Feb 18 at 10:56

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