my code is based on a form in a servlet, issue is with java the bmr is not returning the appropriate answer

double doubleweight = Double.parseDouble(Weight);
        double doubleage = Double.parseDouble(Age);
        double doubleheight = Double.parseDouble(Height);

        double BMRm, BMRf;
        BMRm = 66 + (6.3 * doubleweight) + (12.9 * doubleheight) - (6.8 * doubleage);
        BMRf = 655 + (4.3 * doubleweight) + (4.7 * doubleheight) - (4.7 * doubleage);

        double bmr = 0;

        if (Gender.equals("Female")){


        try (PrintWriter out = response.getWriter()) {
            /* TODO output your page here. You may use following sample code. */
            out.println("<!DOCTYPE html>");
            out.println("<h1>Servlet bmiservlet at " + request.getContextPath() + "</h1>");

first section of code is changing String parameter answers to doubles


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