I'm running a package that downloads data from the internet. This package makes logging calls from different modules.

Suppose I have a package 'demopackage'. Here is how my logging is currently set up. Is it possible to improve this way of working? The main.py script runs triggered by a cron job.


""" __init__.py """

import logging
from demopackage.core import Logs


I set up 3 handlers, a console handler with color, a file handler, and an email handler for critical log entries (Amazon SES handler). I would prefer the stream and file handler to inherit a handler like the email handler.


import boto.ses
import coloredlogs

class Logs:
    fs_head = '%(asctime)s.%(msecs)03d %(levelname)1.1s L%(lineno)d '
    fs = fs_head + '%(filename)s %(funcName)s %(name)s | %(message)s'
    dfs = '%d/%m/%y %H:%M:%S'
    formatter = demopackage.logging.Formatter(fmt=fs, datefmt=dfs)

    def config_root_logger():
        log = demopackage.logging.getLogger()
        # configure file handler
        logpath = demopackage.os.path.join('demopackage.log')
        rfh = demopackage.logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler(logpath)
        rfh.maxBytes = 1000000000  # about 1 GB
        rfh.backupCount = 2
        rfh.mode = 'a'

        # configure email handler
        smtp_handler = Logs.demopackage_SESHandler()
        # configure root logger StreamHandler
        # blue, cyan, green, magenta, red, white and yellow
        level_dict = {'debug': {'color': 'blue'},
                      'info': {'color': 'green'},
                      'warning': {'color': 'yellow'},
                      'error': {'color': 'red', 'bold': True},
                      'critical': {'color': 'magenta', 'bold': True}}
        field_dict = {'asctime': {'color': 'green'},
                      'levelname': {'color': 'white', 'bold': True},
                      'lineno': {'color': 'red'},
                      'filename': {'color': 'cyan'},
                      'funcName': {'color': 'magenta'},
                      'name': {'color': 'green'}}
        coloredlogs.install(fmt=Logs.fs, datefmt=Logs.dfs,
        log.info('stream handler initialized with coloredlogs module')
        log.info('root logger file handler to {}'.format(logpath))
        log.info('root logger smtp handler for AWS SES')

    class demopackage_SESHandler(demopackage.logging.Handler):
        A handler class which sends an email to Amazon SES for logging events.
        def __init__(self):
            """ Initialize the handler. """

        def emit(self, record):
            Emit a record.
            Format the record and send it to the specified addressees.
                key = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
                conn = boto.ses.connect_to_region(
                message = self.format(record)
                subject = 'Critical error in ' + record.pathname
            conn.send_email('from@sender.com', subject, message,
            except Exception:

logging calls in any module:

import demopackage

log = demopackage.logging.getLogger('dwh.get_data.py')

log.info('some text')
log.error('some error raising an exception')
log.critical('critical error with email alert')
  • \$\begingroup\$ It would be good if you'll post your demopackage.logging.getLogger method here. \$\endgroup\$ – Montreal Jan 29 at 5:34
  • \$\begingroup\$ the demopackage.logging.getLogger method is the method from the standard python logging module: docs.python.org/3/library/logging.html#logging.getLogger It is available in this namespace since I've imported logging in init.py \$\endgroup\$ – Mathijs303 Jan 30 at 12:23

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