Project Wonderful is no more. ☹ As a little project, I've been trying to (slowly) re-implement the service. Here's my implementation of the Infinite Auction. The main function is run_auction; you feed it Bids and it'll tell you when you need to change what ad is showing and how much to deduct from the account.

"""An implementation of Project Wonderful's Infinite Auction."""

# This implementation is unaffiliated with Project Wonderful and is not
# guaranteed to behave identically to Project Wonderful's implementation.
# For a friendly description of the algorithm, see:
# https://web.archive.org/web/20180612112237/
# https://www.projectwonderful.com/abouttheinfiniteauction.php

from collections import deque

NANOSECONDS_PER_DAY = 86400000000000
Nanotime = int
Currency = int
Tokens = int

class Bid:
    __slots__ = 'bid', 'expense_limit', 'expiry', 'id'

    def __init__(self, bid: Currency, expense_limit: Tokens,
                 expiry: Nanotime, id=None):
        self.bid = bid
        self.expense_limit = expense_limit
        self.expiry = expiry
        self.id = id

def winning_bid(bids, increment: Currency) -> (Bid, Currency):
    """Get the highest bid. In the event of a tie, goes with the first."""
        return next(winning_bids(bids, increment))
    except StopIteration:
        return None, 0

def winning_bids(bids, increment: Currency) -> [(Bid, Currency)]:
    bids = sorted(enumerate(bids), key=lambda a: (a[1].bid, -a[0]))

    output = deque()
    to_beat = 0
    for i, bid in bids:
        bid_amount = bid.bid
        output.appendleft((bid, min(bid_amount, to_beat)))
        to_beat = bid_amount + increment
    yield from output

def valid_bids(bids: [Bid], now: Nanotime=0) -> [Bid]:
    """Filter bids for valid ones.

    It's best to do this in SQL or something; don't use this function please.
    for bid in bids:
        if bid.bid > 0 and bid.expense_limit > 0 and bid.expiry > now:
            yield bid

def find_end(amount: Currency, limit: Tokens,
             expiry: Nanotime, now: Nanotime) -> (Nanotime, Tokens):
    """Find the end point of a bid, so a timer can be set.

    WARNING: Assumes that this is the only bid; ensure that expiry is the
    minimum of the expiry date of the bid and the amount's validity. A naïve
    use would be to take the minimum of all bids' expiry dates, but this is
    if expiry <= now:
        raise ValueError("Expiry date in the past! Bid invalid.")
    if amount == 0:
        return expiry, 0
    broke = (limit // amount) + now
    if broke > expiry:
        return expiry, ((expiry - now) * amount)
    return broke, limit - (limit % amount)

def run_auction(bids: [Bid], increment: Currency,
                now: Nanotime) -> [(Bid, Nanotime, Tokens)]:
    """Run an auction and yield (current bid, when it ends, tokens spent)."""
    bids = list(bids)
    expense_limits = [bid.expense_limit for bid in bids]
    while bids:
        candidates = winning_bids(bids, increment)
        while True:
                candidate, candidate_amount_c = next(candidates)
            except StopIteration as e:
                return  # No more candidates
            index = bids.index(candidate)
            if candidate_amount_c <= expense_limits[index]:
                # It has a chance of being able to pay
                bid = candidate
                bid_amount_c = candidate_amount_c
        candidate_index = None
        while True:
                candidate, candidate_amount_c = next(candidates)
            except StopIteration as e:
                expiry = bid.expiry
            candidate_index = bids.index(candidate)
            if candidate_amount_c <= expense_limits[candidate_index]:
                expiry = min(candidate.expiry, bid.expiry)
        del candidate, candidate_amount_c, candidate_index

        now, spent_t = find_end(bid_amount_c, expense_limits[index],
                                expiry, now)
        assert bid_amount_c == 0 or spent_t > 0, "Stuck in an infinite loop!"
        expense_limits[index] -= spent_t

        yield bid, now, spent_t

        i = 0
        while i < len(bids):
            if bids[i].expiry <= now:
                del bids[i]
                del expense_limits[i]
                i += 1

You can find the tests here. I've tried to make the program clear, but it's really a bit of a mess. How can I improve it?



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