Basically what I'm trying to achieve here is I need to fetch a set of images based on the selected folder. Is this a correct way to do it?

I'm using ZF 2.5, and have the following function in my RESTful Images controller:

public function getList()
        $folder_id = $this->params()->fromQuery('folder_id', 0);
        $images = $this->ImagesTable->getImages($folder_id);

         // Code for returning response

This is what my table function looks like:

public function getImages($folder_id)
        $select = $this->tableGateway->getSql()->select();

        if(!empty($folder_id)) {
            $select->where(array('folder_id' => $folder_id));

        $resultSet = $this->tableGateway->selectWith($select);

        return $resultSet->count() > 0 ? $resultSet : null;

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