I'm using the flutter_simple_permissions plugin to request permission to read contacts on my flutter application. I want the app to quit when a user denies the permission, and need to show them a custom Dialog.

 Future<bool> getContactsPermission() async{
    bool hasPermission =  await SimplePermissions.checkPermission(Permission.ReadContacts);
        await showDialog(context: context, builder: (context) {
          return new AlertDialog(
            title: Text('Requires Contacts Permission'),
            content: SingleChildScrollView(
              child: ListBody(
                children: <Widget>[
                  Text('This application requires access to your contacts'),
                  Text('Please allow access'),
            actions: <Widget>[
                child: Text('Allow'),
                onPressed:() async {
                  final response = await SimplePermissions.requestPermission(Permission.ReadContacts);
                  if(response != PermissionStatus.authorized){
                    return false;
                child: Text('Exit App'),
                onPressed: () {

    return true;

  refreshContacts() async {
    bool hasPermission = false;
      hasPermission = await getContactsPermission();

    var contacts = await ContactsService.getContacts();
    print("GOT CONTACTS!");
    setState(() {
      _contacts = contacts;


Whenever I call refreshContacts() the popup shows up if the user had no permission.

The code is working great, but I feel it could have been much simpler using FutureBuilder maybe?



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