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Problem - Given an array of integers and a target sum, check if array contains a pair which adds up to sum.

Example -

i/p - (1,2,4,5,6) 7 
o/p - true 

i/p - (1,1,1,5,6) 2
o/p - true

i/p - (1,4,4,5,6) 13
o/p - false

Scala implementation

import scala.collection.immutable._

object FindMatchingSum {
  def containsMatchingSum(data: Array[Int], complementTable: Set[Int], sum: Int): Boolean = {
    if (data.isEmpty) false
    else if (complementTable contains data.head) true
    else containsMatchingSum(data.drop(1), complementTable ++ Set(sum-data.head), sum)

  def main(args: Array[String]):Unit = {
    println(containsMatchingSum(Array(1,2,4,5,6), Set[Int](), 7))
    println(containsMatchingSum(Array(1,1,1,5,6), Set[Int](), 2))
    println(containsMatchingSum(Array(1,4,4,5,6), Set[Int](), 9))
    println(containsMatchingSum(Array(1,4,4,5,6), Set[Int](), 13))

Sample run

scalac FindMatchingSum.scala                                                 
scala FindMatchingSum                                                        

If you're worried about efficiency you could copy the Array into a Vector or use an index instead of paring down the input.

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