Here is my code:


The instructions are printed out from the python file.

They are given here for convienience

  1. You start by typing in a letter

  2. The computer then types another letter and the cycle repeats Example: You type: z Computer types: a

  3. You know that zambia and zaire start with ""za""." "

  4. So the next letter you type must me ""m"" or ""i"". But, you must type" """m"" because the last letter of zambia will end on the computer." On the other hand, last letter of zaire will end on you.

  5. The person on which the last letter ends, loses. Example: Computer loses on sweden You lose on dubai

  6. If you don't know any place you can type in ""Challenge""." The computer will give you the answer and you will lose.

  7. If the computer doesn't know the answer, he will say ""Challenge""" Then two things can happen:

1) You know the right answer and the moderator says it is correct and you win.


2) You don't know the right answer and you type in gibberish and the moderator marks it as wrong and you lose

  1. Whenever you think the computer has typed in the last letter of a place, press enter.

I'm looking for comments about the following points:

  1. coding style
  2. performance
  3. Readability of code
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By far the most important thing you can change is splitting your code up into smaller functions. For example, every time you print with random colors, that could be a function:

def print_colored(str, n=1):
    for i, x in enumerate(str):
        if i % n == 0:
                print(x, end='')
                os.system("color " + str(randint(1, 8)))
                print(x, end='')

Things like your main game loop can also be made a function to hide variables and make your code easier to read.

Seperation of concerns is very important in programming. In it's current state, I cant tell what is going on with out reading and understanding the entire program at once.

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  • \$\begingroup\$ I will keep that in mind \$\endgroup\$ – Agile_Eagle Jul 10 '18 at 16:59

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