I wrote this in LinqPad. It works. The whole point was to retrieve header records, and only include some detail records. I'm looking for possible improvements to this, specifically around the anonymous type part. The only way I was able to get this to work as to use an anonymous type, then create the ToEntitySet() extension method to convert the detail rows. I just feel like I'm making this harder than it is. But maybe not? Any comments are welcome.

void Main()
    var query =
        from header in AccountHeader
        join detail in AccountDetail 
            on header.AccountHeaderId equals detail.AccountHeaderId
            into groupedDetails
        where groupedDetails.Any(x => x.Status == "status2")
        select new
            Account = header,
            AccountDetail = groupedDetails.Where(x => x.Status == "status2")

    foreach (var item in query)
        var account = item.Account;
        account.AccountDetail = item.AccountDetail.ToEntitySet();

public static class Extensions
    public static EntitySet<T> ToEntitySet<T> (this IEnumerable<T> source) where T : class
        var entitySet = new EntitySet<T> ();
        entitySet.AddRange (source);
        return entitySet;
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