Disclaimer: This code is far from complete, I am aware of issues regarding my standards of naming, my lack of comments and readability, however I am encountering a large issue which is preventing me from editing, testing and completing the game. This is not a functional issue, but a performance issue. If you would like a more detailed explanation, this is what I wrote previously on Stack Overflow;

I am building the following game in tkinter, it's essentially a snake game with two players. Where you would battle the other player until one of you hits the other, the wall or runs out of space. To create the 'game' I am using canvases, which are created in a grid. I think this may be the cause of the following issue: When attempting to close the program, python and the script will completely freeze, and take around 5-10 seconds to close. I am aware that tkinter may not be the best option for game creation, however this is the way I have chosen and would like to know if there is any way to fix my issue.

To recap: Upon trying to close the following program - the window freezes for around 5-10 seconds. It then closes but obviously testing and actual gameplay is hindered.

One note I would like to make is that the game loads up much quicker than it closes which I find to be strange. Any optimisations that you could recommend would also be welcome however I realise that Stack Exchange is more the platform for this.

from tkinter import *
from random import randint
import os

velocity = [1,0]
velocity2 = [-1,0]
grid = []
coord = [[10,10]]
coord2 = [[20,20]]
time = 0 
end = False
colour1 = "#d35400"
colour2 = "#9b59b6"
winner = 0
size1 = 0
size2 = 0
loopIds = []
speed1 = 50
speed2 = 50
powers = ["#2ecc71","#e74c3c","#ecf0f1"]
up1 = 0
up2 = 0
down1 = 0
down2 = 0
points1 = 0
points2 = 0

master = Tk()
master.title("Trail Snake")
master.resizable(0, 0)

def start():
    global coord, coord2, colour1, colour2
    for i in coord:
    for i in coord2:

def genPower():
    global h, w, powers
    power = randint(0,2)
    location = [randint(0,h-1), randint(0,h-1)]
    while grid[location[0]][location[1]].cget("bg") != "#222":
        location = [randint(0,h-1), randint(0,h-1)]

def clear():
    for n in grid:
        for i in n:

def move():
    global coord, coord2, colour1, colour2, size1, size2
    moveSnake(coord, colour1, size1)
    moveSnake(coord2, colour2, size2)

def moveSnake(snake, colour, size):
    global end, h, w, colour1, winner, velocity, velocity2, loopIds, speed1, speed2, powers, up1, up2, down1, down2
    if colour == colour1:
        movement = velocity
        speed = speed1
        movement = velocity2
        speed = speed2
    if up1 == 0 and down2 == 0:
        speed1 = 50
    if up2 == 0 and down1 == 0:
        speed2 = 50
    if not(snake[0][0]+movement[0] >= 0 and snake[0][0]+movement[0] <= (h-1) and snake[0][1]+movement[1] >= 0 and snake[0][1]+movement[1] <= (w-1)):
        end = True
        if colour == colour1:
            winner = "Purple"
            winner = "Orange"
    if not end:
        for i in snake:
        snake.insert(0, [snake[0][0] + movement[0], snake[0][1] + movement[1]])
        if size == 0:
            chance = randint(1,20)
            if chance == 1:
                size = randint(1,3)
        if size != 0:
            path = snake[0]
            size -= 1
            path = snake.pop()
        for i in snake:
            if grid[i[0]][i[1]].cget("bg") == "#222":
            elif grid[i[0]][i[1]].cget("bg") in powers:
                power = powers.index(grid[i[0]][i[1]].cget("bg"))
                if power == 0:
                    if colour == colour1:
                        if up1 == 0:
                            speed1 = 1
                            up1 += 5
                        if up2 == 0:
                            speed2 = 1
                            up2 += 5
                elif power == 1:
                    if colour == colour1:
                        if down1 == 0:
                            speed2 = 200
                            down1 += 10
                        if down2 == 0:
                            speed1 = 200
                            down2 += 10
                end = True
                if colour == colour1:
                    winner = "Purple"
                    winner = "Orange"
        chance = randint(1,100)
        if chance == 1:
        loopId = master.after(speed, lambda snake=snake, colour=colour, size=size: moveSnake(snake, colour, size))
        pass # WINNER  

def changeDir(changeDir):
    global velocity
    if velocity[0] == changeDir[1] or velocity[1] == changeDir[0]:
        velocity = changeDir

def changeDir2(changeDir):
    global velocity2
    if velocity2[0] == changeDir[1] or velocity2[1] == changeDir[0]:
        velocity2 = changeDir

def displayGame():
    global h, w

    except: pass

    global wrapper, scoreCount, totalScore, bottom, game

    wrapper = Frame(master, bg="#3498db")

    gameTitle = Label(wrapper ,text="Trail Snake", bg="#3498db", fg="#fff", height=1, pady=10, font=('century gothic',(18)))

    gameWrapper = Frame(bg="#222")
    gameWrapper.pack(expand=True, fill=X, padx=200)

    game = Frame(gameWrapper, bg="#eee", highlightbackground="#2980b9", highlightthickness=5)

    scoresMessage = Label(gameWrapper, anchor="w", fg="#fff", text="Scores this round: (5 games played)", font=('century gothic',(20)), bg="#222")

    playerOneScore = Frame(gameWrapper, padx=10, pady=10, bg="#9b59b6")

    playerScoreIncrease = Label(playerOneScore, text="+1", bg="#8e44ad")

    WINDOW_WIDTH = master.winfo_screenwidth() / 3
    WINDOW_HEIGHT = master.winfo_screenheight() / 2

    game.config(width=WINDOW_WIDTH, height=WINDOW_HEIGHT)

    SW = game.winfo_screenwidth()
    SH = game.winfo_screenheight()

    h = round(((SH-10) / 15)) - 10
    w = round(((SW-10) / 15))
    w = round(w / 1.8)

    for n in range(0, h):
        for i in range(0,w):
            grid[n].append(Canvas(game, bg="#222", height="15", width="15", highlightthickness="0"))
            grid[n][i].grid(row=n, column=i)


def restart(event=None):
    global coord, coord2, grid, velocity, velocity2, score, end, loopIds, time, timerId, speed1, speed2, up1, up2, down1, down2

    for n in grid:
        for i in n:
    for i in loopIds:
    loopIds = []
    velocity = [1,0]
    velocity2 = [-1,0]
    coord = [[10,10]]
    coord2 = [[40,50]]
    score = 0 
    end = False
    time = 0
    speed1 = 50
    speed2 = 50
    up1 = 0
    up2 = 0
    down1 = 0
    down2 = 0



def mainMenu():

    global main

    main = Frame(master, pady=20, padx=20, bg="#333")
    main.pack(expand=True, padx=20, pady=20)

    mainLbl = Label(main ,text="Click Start To Begin!", bg="#3498db",anchor="n", fg="#fff", height=1, width=40, pady=20, font=('century gothic',(18)))
    mainLbl.pack(pady=(0,0), fill=X)

    startGame = Button(main, text="Start", command=displayGame, bg="#2ecc71", borderwidth=0, relief=FLAT, height=2, fg="#fff", font=('century gothic',(14)))
    startGame.pack(pady=(10,0), fill=X)


master.bind("<Up>", lambda Event=None: changeDir2([-1,0]))
master.bind("<Down>", lambda Event=None: changeDir2([1,0]))
master.bind("<Left>", lambda Event=None: changeDir2([0,-1]))
master.bind("<Right>", lambda Event=None: changeDir2([0,1]))

master.bind("<w>", lambda Event=None: changeDir([-1,0]))
master.bind("<s>", lambda Event=None: changeDir([1,0]))
master.bind("<a>", lambda Event=None: changeDir([0,-1]))
master.bind("<d>", lambda Event=None: changeDir([0,1]))
master.bind("<F5>", restart)

master.bind("<F6>", lambda x: master.destroy())
  • \$\begingroup\$ So to be clear, everything works correctly, it's just very slow to close? \$\endgroup\$ Mar 8, 2018 at 23:50
  • \$\begingroup\$ Yeah, sorry for not explaining properly! I have a couple kinks to work out, like orange snake ALWAYS winning on a head on collision against purple, but the closing is more of a propriety for me. \$\endgroup\$
    – Chris
    Mar 9, 2018 at 0:28
  • \$\begingroup\$ Look at some of the points mentioned in codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/24267/… \$\endgroup\$
    – hjpotter92
    Mar 9, 2018 at 3:44
  • \$\begingroup\$ For clarity, you’re closing with f6 and it’s taking long, right? Did you try debugging to see what happens after f6? \$\endgroup\$ Mar 9, 2018 at 18:38
  • \$\begingroup\$ @GürkanÇetin Not sure how I'd check this? [debugging after f6] However, what you've said is correct. \$\endgroup\$
    – Chris
    Mar 9, 2018 at 19:11


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