Background: I am completely new to react-native.

Question: Is there any reason why I shouldn’t do this from an experienced point of view?

Goal: - have common styles in my react-native app? - use advantages of VSCode IntelliSense for development.


import { Platform, StyleSheet } from 'react-native';

export const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  fontFamily: {
      ios: {
        fontFamily: 'Baskerville',
      android: {
        fontFamily: 'Noto Sans',

export const fonts = {
  h2: { fontSize: 80 },
  text: { fontSize: 12 },

export const BORDER_RADIUS = 5;

export const colors = {
  blue_primary: '#3F51B5',
  blue_secondary: '#E8EAF6',
  green_primary: '#73C700',
  green_secondary: '#F1F8E9',
  white: '#ffffff',
  grey_primary: '#9E9E9E',
  grey_secondary: '#FAFAFA',
  bluegrey: {
    50: '#eceff1',
    800: '#37474f',
    900: '#263238',

Here is a plain component using this common styles:

import React from 'react';
import { View, Text } from 'react-native';
import { colors, styles, fonts } from './common/styles';

const PlainComponent = () => (
  <View style={{ flex: 1, backgroundColor: colors.bluegrey['50'] }}>
    <Text style={[fonts.h2, styles.fontFamily, { color: 'red' }]}>Hello</Text>

export default PlainComponent;

While sharing styles is possible, I find it a little cumbersome and personally, I would not do it. Instead, I'd recommend going one level higher: do not share styles, share components.

That's what React is about - sharing components. In React Native, you won't have to import a component and styles (and pass the styles to the component), you'll just have to import the component. There will be less duplication.

I'd recommend you take a look at styled-components or glamorous-native, and see their utilities for defining styles, extending them and other utilities. They will make working with styles and components easier.


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