I have been working with Ruby for about a week or two now, and I wanted to create a dice-rolling application that intakes any string (e.g. 1d4 + 1 or 3d20 + 4) and outputs the correct dice rolling.

def roll(amount = 0, sides = 0)
    #this is the function that gets a random roll with the amount of sides and the amount of dice inputted.
    total = 0
    (amount.to_i).times do 
        total += rand(1..sides.to_i)
    return total

while true
    raw_input = gets.chomp.to_s
    if raw_input == "exit"
        abort("May your rolls be ever natural.")
    proc_input = raw_input.tr("^0-9", " ")
    #this keeps all the numbers from the string input. 
    output = proc_input.split()
    if (output[2]) == nil 
        mod = 0
        mod = output[2]
    fin = roll(output[0], output[1]) + mod.to_i
    puts "#{fin.to_s}"

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Nice code overall, pretty readable, though there is space for improvements.

1) You don't have to return from ruby methods.

2) Good use of Enumerable methods will make code cleaner.

3) Use loop instead of while true

4) Also consider keyword arguments, as calling roll(2, 4) looks kind of cryptic.

Will all that in mind, we can turn your code into something like:

def roll(amount = 0, sides = 0)
  # rand(1..0) will return nil btw
  amount.to_i.times.sum { |t| rand(1..sides.to_i) }

loop do
  input = gets.chomp.to_s

  abort("May your rolls be ever natural.") if input == "exit"

  amount, sides, mod = input.tr("^0-9", " ").split
  fin = roll(amount, sides) + mod.to_i # nil converts to 0

  puts fin
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    \$\begingroup\$ Thank you! I looked back at the code, and some of my past projects and realized that I had written it like C or Java, instead of using a more powerful language's syntax and rules. Thanks again. \$\endgroup\$
    – cricketts
    Jan 18, 2018 at 5:27

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