So I don't know much about bash scripting. I am just a beginner. I made this script which checks the SMART status of my root volume and if it is failing then it immediately throws a pop up alert if my drive is failing. Here's the code:

A=$( diskutil info disk0 | grep SMART )

if [ "$A" != "   SMART Status:             Verified" ]

osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to activate' -e 'tell 
application "Finder" to display dialog "Your Drive is failing, 
Please backup all your important files now" buttons 
{"OK"} with icon stop'

I know this is so simple. Do you have any suggestions to improve it?


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Some suggestions:

  • A direct string comparison test may be flaky especially if the string contains multiple space characters. I can think of three alternatives:

    • Use regex matching: this can be achieved by the =~ operator inside [[ ]]: if [[ ! "$A" =~ Verified ]].
    • Use awk:

      A=$(diskutil info disk0 | awk '/SMART Status:/{print $NF}')
      if [ "$A" != 'Verified' ]
      # ...
    • Check exit status instead of output:

      if sudo smartctl -H -q silent /dev/disk0
      # ...
  • Use more descriptive names: smart_status_text is more self-evident than A.

  • Properly format your code: indent the commands inside the if block and don't leave a blank line after then.

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