I'm studying unit testing in swift and I would like to know if I'm doing the right way.

Here I have the model

struct ChangePasswordRequest: Encodable {
    var email: String
    var newPassword: String
    var token: String

And here the unit test

import XCTest
@testable import MyProject

class ChangePasswordRequestTests: XCTestCase {

    var changePasswordRequest: ChangePasswordRequest!

    override func tearDown() {
        // Put teardown code here. This method is called after the invocation of each test method in the class.
        changePasswordRequest = nil

    func testChangePasswordRequest() {

        // given
        let email = "[email protected]"
        let newPassword = "abc123"
        let token =

        // when
        changePasswordRequest = ChangePasswordRequest(email: email, newPassword: newPassword, token: token)

        let requestJSON = """

        changePasswordRequest = ChangePasswordRequest(email: email, newPassword: newPassword, token: token)
        guard let encodedRequest = try? JSONEncoder().encode(changePasswordRequest) else {

        // then
        XCTAssertEqual(String(data: encodedRequest, encoding: .utf8)!, requestJSON, "Any JSON key differs from model.")



I never worked with unit test. It's possible to improve this test?


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Some hints on Unit tests.

  • Use dependency injection to make testing easier
  • Create mocks to eliminate all external dependencies in tests
  • Test units of code (functions, methods, classes)

Example of testable class:

class UserManager: UserManagerType {
 let database: DatabaseType
 init(database: DatabaseType) {
  self.database = database

 func getUser(withId id: String) -> User? {
    return database.getItem(withPredicate: "id == \(id)")

 func getAdmins() -> [User] {
    return database.getItems(withPredicate: "type == admin")

protocol DatabaseType { 
   func getItems(withPredicate predicate: String) -> [User]
   func getItem(withPredicate predicate: String) -> User?


// create mock for database.
// Try to avoid any external dependencies in tests
class DatabaseMock: DatabaseType {
 var itemsToReturn: [User] = []
 var userToReturn: User?

 func getItems(withPredicate predicate: String) -> [User] {
   return itemsToReturn

 func getItem(withPredicate predicate: String) -> User? {
   return userToReturn

// actual test case
class UserManagerTests: XCTestCase {
  var database: DatabaseMock = DatabaseMock()
  var manager: UserManager!
  // setup before each test
  func setUp() {
    database = DatabaseMock()
    manager = UserManager(database: database)

  func testReturnsCorrectUserForId() {
    let expectedUser = User(id: "123")
    database.userToReturn = expectedUser
    let actualUser = manager.getUser(withId: "123")
    XCTAsseerEqual(actualUser.id, expectedUser.id)

  // other tests ...

This is not the best example (because UserManager is just a wrapper around database) but I hope you have got some ideas of how write unit tests


You should think about WHAT you test.

You just test in your UnitTest the Json encoder. But i think the json encoder is still good tested and you not need to test it again.

You should test business logic (methods/functions) you have written and cover the code with the test


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