I have a form. When I click the save button, I want to create an object from the data and pass that info to HTML elements on the same page (div.form_content).

I decided, instead of creating a variable for each HTML element to create an array of HTML elements. I know the first HTML element is going to contain the first object property, the second html element will contain the second obj property, and so on...

What I have done below seems a little repetitive and not very DRY, and I was wondering if someone could recommend a better way. For example, if my form has to grow to 12 input fields, what I am doing now would be pretty clunky. I tried running a loop to prevent the line-by-line assignments, but couldn't figure it out. (By the way, I needed to create an object from the form data because I will need to stringify it to JSON notation to pass to the server, but I got that part.)

$('#save').click(function() {

    var form_Array = $('form').serializeArray();

    // Create an Array of HTML elements
    var el_Array = $('div.form_content').children();

    // create empty object
    var obj = {};   

    // loop through serialized form object and assign new object keys from this.name and their values from this.value
    $.each(form_Array, function() {
        obj[this.name] = this.value;

    // populate the html elements with contents of the newly created object


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I'd say give your "output" elements a data-* attribute that matches the name of the form value it should contain. For instance:

​<div​​​ class="form_content">
    <div data-key="fname"></div>
    <div data-key="lname"></div>
    <div data-key="phone"></div>
    <div data-key="fax"></div>

Then, you can do something like:

$('#save').click(function() {
  var values = $('form').serializeArray(),
      output = $('#values');

  $.each(values, function() {
    output.children("[data-key='" + this.name + "']").text(this.value);

Here's a demo

  • \$\begingroup\$ thanks a lot, that worked great...sorry, don't have enough cred to upvote \$\endgroup\$
    – elgarcon
    Commented Oct 19, 2012 at 23:45

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