Continuing on this question on Stack Overflow, I've found a working solution.

The case

The case I'll create is that I've got a lot of persons and a knows person get 0, 1 or multiple languages. The language can get 0, 1 or multiple MVPs. Inside the back office of Umbraco I've created two document types:

  • Person: with the first name, last name, photo and a (Obsolete) Multinode Treepicker for the known programming languages of that person.
  • Language: With the name and a piece of code.

The code

On the template of the language, I'll create a table with the language, the code sample and the MVPs.

@inherits Umbraco.Web.Mvc.UmbracoTemplatePage<ProgrammingLanguages>
@using EventCalendar.Website.Models;

    Layout = "Master.cshtml";

    var searcher = ExamineManager.Instance.SearchProviderCollection["PersonsSearcher"];
    var searchCriteria = searcher.CreateSearchCriteria();
    var query = searchCriteria.Field("nodeTypeAlias", "person").Compile();
    var persons = searcher.Search(query);

<table class="table">
        <th>Output <samp>Hello World!</samp></th>

    @foreach (ProgrammingLanguage lang in Model.Content.Children)
        var res = persons.Where(x => x.Fields["knowledge"] != null && x.Fields["knowledge"].Split(',').Contains(lang.Id.ToString())); @* <-- instead of this *@

                    @foreach (var r in res)
                        <li>@r.Fields["firstName"] @r.Fields["lastName"]</li>

knowledge is a comma separated string with the IDs of the language.

This outputs this:


Good to know

I've created an indexer and a searcher for the persons.

Examine Manager of Umbraco

After building:

Build of PersonsIndexer

My questions

  1. Is this code performance enough?
  2. Can I use typed persons? I'll like to use this code below instead of the marked line.

    var res = persons.Where(x => x.Knowledge != null && x.Knowledge.Contains(lang)));

    Remark: I've written .Contains(lang) so I'll get an IEnumerable<Person>!


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