I was able to get some very helpful code to get tuple values on a previous question. I was able to reduce my duplication a lot. But I'm having trouble wrapping this code in its own helper class so it can be reused in other classes. How can I improve this code to allow this?

This is the tuple code:

// Inserted invoke to use `void` as filling for holes
template<class T, class F>
constexpr auto invoke(F &&f, std::size_t I) -> std::enable_if_t<!std::is_same<T, void>::value> {
    f((T *) 0, I);

template<class T, class F>
constexpr auto invoke(F &&, std::size_t) -> std::enable_if_t<std::is_same<T, void>::value> {

template<class tuple, class F, std::size_t... I>
constexpr void forAllTypesImpl(F &&f, std::index_sequence<I...>) {
    int x[] = {0, (invoke<std::tuple_element_t<I, tuple>>(f, I), 0)...};

template<class tuple, class F>
void forAllTypes(F &&f) {
    forAllTypesImpl<tuple>(f, std::make_index_sequence<std::tuple_size<tuple>::value>());

template<class R, class tuple, class F>
R getOne(F &&f, std::size_t i) {
    R r;
    forAllTypes<tuple>([&](auto p, std::size_t j) {
        if (i == j) {
            r = f(p);
    return r;

I have a method that uses this code to create an event class instance by passing an event type enum:

using eventClasses = std::tuple<Event::SetMatchType, Event::SetTeam, Event::SetPlayer, Event::StartMatch, void, void, Event::StartInnings, Event::StartOver, Event::Ball, Event::ExtraBall, Event::Wicket, Event::Penalty, Event::Retire, Event::EndOver, Event::EndInnings, void, Event::EndMatch, Event::SwapBatsman, void, Event::NewBatsman, Event::NewBowler, Event::NewWicketKeeper, Event::SetCaptain, void, void, Event::Undo>;

template<class... X, class ET>
std::shared_ptr<Event> Event::createInstance(const ET eventType, X&&... x) {
    return getOne<std::shared_ptr<Event>, eventClasses>([&](auto p) {
        return std::make_shared<std::decay_t<decltype(*p)>>(std::forward<X>(x)...);
    }, static_cast<std::size_t>(eventType));

To create an event class, I give it an enum and the parameters it needs for the constructor (in this case json):

auto event = createInstance(eventType, serializedJson);

The code above works just fine until I try to put the tuple code into its own helper class and I get an intended error.

  • \$\begingroup\$ @Jamal, the code that is posted here is working. \$\endgroup\$ – Daniel Ryan Jul 3 '17 at 3:31
  • \$\begingroup\$ What about the error? \$\endgroup\$ – Jamal Jul 3 '17 at 3:51
  • \$\begingroup\$ I've asked for code improvements so this can be used in its own class (it works just fine otherwise). The error is to explain what happens when I try to do this. I've edited the above to make this clearer. \$\endgroup\$ – Daniel Ryan Jul 3 '17 at 4:02

Looks like if I have all the code in its own header file (no class file) it works just fine.


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