The following exercise is from an Assembler-course I'm taking:

Write a program that takes a number x as input, and returns:

  • 0 if x is even.
  • 1 if x is odd.

Full exercise-page here: GitHub

Here's my solution:

format PE console
entry start

include 'win32a.inc' 

; ===============================================
section '.text' code readable executable


    call    read_hex        ; Provided by the teacher. Reads a hexadecimal number from stdin.

    and     eax,    0x1

    cmp     eax,    0x0 
    je      print_result

    mov     eax,    0x1
    call    print_eax_binary    ; Provided by the teacher. Prints a binary number to stdout.

    ; Exit the process:
    push    0
    call    [ExitProcess]

include 'training.inc'

I would say it works alright:

enter image description here

  • Is my solution valid?
  • Can it be improved? Respectively, is there a better solution possible?

Here are some things that may help you improve your code.

Simplify your code

This can certainly be simplified. Keep the goal in mind: get either 0 or 1 into EAX. Once you've executed this instruction:

and     eax,    0x1

That's exactly what you have. So that means all of this can be deleted:

    cmp     eax,    0x0 
    je      print_result

    mov     eax,    0x1

And all you need to do is print the result:

call    print_eax_binary

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