This loops through questions and the total score of correct answers:

AsClassName.prototype.getTotalScore = function() {
 var totalScore = 0;
 for (var i = 0; i < allQuestions.length; i++) {
  totalScore += allQuestions[i].getCalculatedScore();
   ExternalInterface.call("console.log", totalScore);
  if (currentModule.allQuestions[i].parent.questionCorrect == true) {
   ExternalInterface.call("console.log", "Score Increased");
  } else {
   ExternalInterface.call("console.log", "Score Decreased");
  debugLog("Total score: " + totalScore);
  return totalScore;

I have not worked with ActionScript for about 7 years. Does it have clean syntax, best practice etc? I am trying to 'add to the total score' with correct answers, and decrease with 'incorrect'.

My original Stack Overflow question describes my goal in full.


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