Since I am new to R, I have pulled this code together in kind of a rag-tag way, but I am wondering, is there something similar to list comprehensions (in Python) I can use in R to make this simpler? Or a better way of doing this? I am trying to fetch the total amount of reputation a user has accumulated on Stack Exchange. I am ideally looking for a way to remove the for loop and use the sum function on a subset of items (from the API response).

s = 0
for(i in content(GET(paste("http://api.stackexchange.com/users/",readline(),"/associated",sep="")))$items) {
  if (q>101) 

Sample input would be a user's id, like 10400443.


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R does not offer list comprehensions like Python, but a similar thing called the apply family of functions. In addition, there is packages called purrr that offers similar functionality with a more user-friendly interface. Below is an example how to compute the sum using these tools.

user_url <- paste0("http://api.stackexchange.com/users/", readline(), "/associated")
dat <- content(GET(user_url))$items

sum(vapply(dat, function(x) ifelse(x$reputation > 101, x$reputation, 0), 1))

sum(map_dbl(dat, ~ifelse(.x$reputation > 101, .x$reputation, 0)))

It's simple to extract all reputation and subsequently sum an index. This is instead of performing the ifelse inside the *apply function to demonstrate indexing.

allc <- content(GET(paste0("http://api.stackexchange.com/users/",'10400443',"/associated")))
allci <- allc$items

# get all reputation out of list
allrep <- sapply(allci,`[[`,'reputation')

# sum only index of > 101
sum(allrep[allrep > 101])

I'm not familiar with Python, but it appears that indexing in R serves the same purpose as list comprehension in Python - list comprehension in r


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