I made a small app to download wikipedia articles (and optionally those that it links to) as PDFs to take on the go. I'd eventually like to do a text-to-speech option and save the article as an mp3, though that's the next step. Any thoughts would be helpful.

import wikipedia
import pdfkit
import os
from gtts import gTTS

class Page:

    def __init__(self):
        """Set default pdfkit options"""
        self.pdfOptions = {
            'page-size': 'Letter',
            'margin-top': '0.75in',
            'margin-right': '0.75in',
            'margin-bottom': '0.75in',
            'margin-left': '0.75in',
            'javascript-delay' : 2000,
            'minimum-font-size': 512

        self.targetDir = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
        self.includeLinks = False

    def getArticle(self, articleTitle):
        """fetch the article from wiki by title"""
        self.page = wikipedia.page(articleTitle)
        except wikipedia.exceptions.DisambiguationError as e:
            print "Multiple articles with that name: " + e.options

    def setURL(self,URL):
        """fetch the article by URL"""

    def download(self):
        """download the article (and maybe the articles it links to"""
        if self.includeLinks == False:
            filename = self.targetDir+"/"+self.page.title+'.pdf'
            pdfkit.from_url(self.page.url, filename, options = self.pdfOptions)
            for link in self.page.links:
                linkedPage = wikipedia.page(link)
                print "Downloading " + linkedPage.url
                filename = self.targetDir+"/"+linkedPage.title+'.pdf'
                pdfkit.from_url(linkedPage.url, filename, options=self.pdfOptions)

    def speak(self):
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    \$\begingroup\$ Here's the biggest change that I'd make: Don't use classes when you don't need to \$\endgroup\$ Apr 14, 2017 at 20:08
  • \$\begingroup\$ @Dex'ter yeah, I feel it was a bit of a kludge, but I like the feel many python libraries have that are oop. I'll think about re-designing the code \$\endgroup\$
    – Matt
    Apr 14, 2017 at 20:55

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Here are some stylistic and code style points:

  • fix the variable naming - in Python, there is a lower_case_with_underscores variable naming style (PEP8 reference)
  • organize your imports as per PEP8 guidelines - first, the system-level imports, then third-parties, then your "local" imports. Also, remove unused from gtts import gTTS import:

    import os
    import pdfkit
    import wikipedia
  • docstrings should start with a capital letter and end with a dot

  • I think you should define pdfOptions as a module-level (or configuration-layer-level) constant instead of having them defined as an instance variable
  • if self.includeLinks == False: can be simplified to if not self.includeLinks:
  • you should have spaces around the operators inside expressions (reference)
  • I think you can handle both cases in your download() method in a unified way:

    def download(self):
        links = self.page.links if self.includeLinks else [self.page]
        for link in links:
            page = wikipedia.page(link)
            print("Downloading " + page.url)
            filename = self.targetDir + "/" + page.title + '.pdf'
            pdfkit.from_url(page.url, filename, options=self.pdfOptions)
  • I would also use os.path.join() instead of string-concatenating filename paths

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