Note that this code uses C#7 functionality like local methods and ValueTuple

I am programming an HMI for an industrial machine. Part of the HMI's task is to read the machine settings and present them in better human understandable concepts. In this case a Material and its corresponding MaterialWebfeedSettings.

In the following method I extract information from a List of MachineSetting which contains the information needed to create a Material instance and MaterialWebfeedSettings instances for each WebfeedModule on the machine.

The Dictionary<ModuleTypes, List<MachineProperty>> WebfeedModuleSettingProperties contains a List of MachineProperty for each possible ModuleTypes that is aso a WebfeedModule.

List<(ModuleTypes type, Int32 sequenceNumber)> WebfeedModules contains all the WebfeedModules on the machine.

My main concern with this method is readability and coding style, and performance to a lesser extend.

private static List<(ModuleTypes type, Int32 sequenceNumber)> WebfeedModules;

private static Dictionary<ModuleTypes, List<MachineProperty>> WebfeedModuleSettingProperties;

private static (Material, List<MaterialWebfeedSettings>) ExtractMaterial(List<MachineSetting> machineSettings)
        Func<MachineSetting, Boolean> IsWebThickness = s => s.MachinePropertyID == MachineProperties.MainCtrl_rWebThicknessSetting;
        Func<MachineSetting, Boolean> IsWebStretch = s => s.MachinePropertyID == MachineProperties.MainCtrl_rWebStretchSetting;
        Func<MachineSetting, Boolean> IsTaperStartTens = s => s.MachinePropertyID == MachineProperties.Rewind_rTaperStartTens;
        Func<MachineSetting, Boolean> IsMinStopDiameter = s => s.MachinePropertyID == MachineProperties.Unwind_rMinStopDiameter;

        Single thickness = Single.Parse(machineSettings.First(IsWebThickness).ValueEnd);
        Single stretch = Single.Parse(machineSettings.First(IsWebStretch).ValueEnd);
        Single windingTension = Single.Parse(machineSettings.First(IsTaperStartTens).ValueEnd);
        Single minStopDiameter = Single.Parse(machineSettings.First(IsMinStopDiameter).ValueEnd);

        Material material = new Material("", thickness, stretch, true, windingTension, minStopDiameter);

        List<MaterialWebfeedSettings> settings = new List<MaterialWebfeedSettings>();

        foreach ((ModuleTypes type, Int32 sequenceNumber) module in WebfeedModules)
            Func<MachineSetting, Boolean> IsWebtension = s => s.MachinePropertyID == WebfeedModuleSettingProperties[module.type][Webtension].ID;
            Func<MachineSetting, Boolean> IsWebtensionControl = s => s.MachinePropertyID == WebfeedModuleSettingProperties[module.type][WebtensionControl].ID;
            Func<MachineSetting, Boolean> IsSpeedOffset = s => s.MachinePropertyID == WebfeedModuleSettingProperties[module.type][SpeedOffset].ID;

            String settingWebtensionValue = machineSettings.FirstOrDefault(IsWebtension)?.ValueEnd;
            String settingWebTensionControlValue = machineSettings.FirstOrDefault(IsWebtensionControl)?.ValueEnd;
            String settingSpeedOffsetValue = machineSettings.FirstOrDefault(IsSpeedOffset)?.ValueEnd;

            String defaultWebtensionValue = WebfeedModuleSettingProperties[module.type][Webtension].DefaultRecipeValue;
            String defaultWebtensionControlValue = WebfeedModuleSettingProperties[module.type][WebtensionControl].DefaultRecipeValue;
            String defaultSpeedOffsetValue = WebfeedModuleSettingProperties[module.type][SpeedOffset].DefaultRecipeValue;

            Int32 webTension = Int32.TryParse(settingWebtensionValue, out Int32 webTensionValue) ? webTensionValue : Int32.Parse(defaultWebtensionValue);
            Boolean closedLoop = Boolean.TryParse(settingWebTensionControlValue, out Boolean webTensionControlValue) ? webTensionControlValue : Boolean.Parse(defaultWebtensionControlValue);
            Single speedOffset = Single.TryParse(settingSpeedOffsetValue, out Single speedOffsetValue) ? speedOffsetValue : Single.Parse(defaultSpeedOffsetValue);

            settings.Add(new MaterialWebfeedSettings(material, (WebFeedModule)(Int32)module.type, module.sequenceNumber, webTension, closedLoop, speedOffset));

        return (material, settings);
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    \$\begingroup\$ Well, you're using value tuple but there are no local functions, lambdas like IsWebThickness were already possible in C# 6. \$\endgroup\$
    – t3chb0t
    Apr 6, 2017 at 15:09

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Func<MachineSetting, Boolean> IsWebThickness = s => s.MachinePropertyID == MachineProperties.MainCtrl_rWebThicknessSetting;

This is not a local function, it's a variable of Func type and as such it should be camelCase and not PascalCase. This is a local fuction:

bool IsWebThickness(MachineSetting s) => s.MachinePropertyID == MachineProperties.MainCtrl_rWebThicknessSetting;

It's as if you placed a normal method inside another method but without the access modifier.


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