This is my finished perceptron written in python. Is there anything that I can improve/suggestions? I'm a beginner with python so anything would be helpful!

import random

class Train:    
    def __init__(self):
        self.train = [[10,5,3,False],[3,2,16,True],[4,15,11,False]]
        #Initialize training set
        self.fired = False #activate when over thresh 
        self.threshold = 1.0 
        self.x1 = 1 #weights
        self.x2 = -1 
        self.x3 = 0.5
        self.learningRate = 0.1 #not used
    #true if fired state == answers in training set
        self.correct = [False,False,False] 
        self.desire ='' #input value

    def trainIt(self):  
        #while one or more of the answers are wrong
        while self.correct[1] == False or self.correct[0] == False or self.correct[2] == False:
            for i in range(3):
                #Perceptron formula
                if self.train[i][0]*self.x1+self.train[i][1]*self.x2+self.train[i][2]*self.x3 < self.threshold:
                    #under thresh, dont fire
                    self.fired = False
                    #fire perceptron
                    self.fired = True   

                if self.fired == self.train[i][3]:
                    #if fired state is correct, log it
                    self.correct[i] = True
                    #my subsitution for the learning rate
                    self.x1 += random.randrange(-1,2)
                    self.x2 += random.randrange(-1,2)
                    self.x3 += random.randrange(-1,2)
            #prints weights
            print("W1: "+str(self.x1))
            print("W2: "+str(self.x2))
            print("W3: "+str(self.x3))


    def Test(self):
        #random point to test perceptron!
        self.test = [3,20,8]
        #reset some values
        self.fired = False
        self.correct = [False,False,False]

        #fire if over threshold
        if self.test[0]*self.x1+self.test[1]*self.x2 < self.threshold:
            self.fired = False
            self.fired = True

        print("Test Result: "+str(self.fired))
        self.desire = input("Was this your desired result? ")
        #print the test result and ask the user if the perceptron was right. This would be useful in filtering spam
        if self.desire == 'N':
            #if it was not right, continue training
            print("Okay! Training...")

#initialize object and call methods         
ptron = Train()
  • \$\begingroup\$ Generally you don't put a capital letter for a function name so I would probably modify def Test(self): to def test(self): \$\endgroup\$ – 13ros27 Dec 16 '17 at 15:15

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