simpler pattern/extension built on top of telepot (telegram bot api wrapper)

filter usage

from nimmy import Bot
from re import match, search


# filter model function returns, keys return None on failure
def adminOnly(msg):
    return {
        'admin': match('fatzombi', msg.chat['username'])

def ping(msg):
  return {
    'text': search("^ping\s(.*)", msg.text)

# executes only when filtering contents match takes filter function and check type: any or all
def handle_this(msg):
  from subprocess import check_output

  hostname = msg.filter['text'].group(1)
  response = check_output(['ping', '-c 1', hostname])

  bot.sendMessage(msg.chat['id'], response)

  # feed the monitor!
  print("ping -> " + hostname)

# takes filtered functions as handle, binded on message_loop

# a simple run forever loop, takes message_loop args as loop={}

from telepot import Bot
from functools import wraps
from nimmy.utils import Map

telepot.Bot extended

class Bot(Bot):
    extending telepot.Bot
    bot_functions = {}

    def _filter(self, filter_model, message, check):
        # checks for any exceptions with filters, find None, true or false
            filters = filter_model(message)

            if check(filters.values()):
                return filters
            return False

    def filter(self, filter_model, check=all):
        # argumented decoration, returns func with msg
        def decorator(func):
            # prevents cloning
            def wrapper(msg):
                # converts dict to object with utils.Map
                message = Map(**msg)
                filterd = self._filter(filter_model, message, check)

                if filterd:
                    message.filter = filterd
                    return func(message)
            return wrapper
        return decorator

    def run_forever(self, sleep_for=10, **loop):
        # telepot message_loop with dummy_handler
        print('Loading ...')
        self.message_loop(self.dummy_handler, **loop)

        from time import sleep
        # simple loop sleeps: sleep_for
        while 1:

    def add_handle(self, handle):
        # add filter handles to a list
        except KeyError:
            Bot.bot_functions[id(self)] = []


    def dummy_handler(self, msg):
        # acts like a handle returns a list of handles and execute
        return [h(msg) for h in Bot.bot_functions[id(self)]]
  • \$\begingroup\$ Does this work? Because I'd expect you to have various issues due to shadowing Bot. \$\endgroup\$ – jonrsharpe Dec 28 '16 at 18:43
  • \$\begingroup\$ yes, there was but, it works well for my uses, but i didn't seen any problems with current solution \$\endgroup\$ – FATZOMBI Dec 28 '16 at 19:18

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