I'm trying to cleanly grab some fields I need from an object.

The scenario is this:

I've got an object that is stored with certain 'extra' properties that exist because of the way we've set up our store in Redux. It'll look something like this:

var formData = { 
  account_name: 'SomeAccountName',
  custom_domain_name: '',
  id: 152

I'm trying to grab the fields I need from this object, which in this case are only popup: true and account_name, since custom_domain_name is empty. I'll be adding the necessary fields as params to the end of the URL.

What I've got so far works, but seems clunky to me. I was hoping I could do something with object destructuring, such as:

var fields = ['account_name']
var necessaryFields = { ...fields } = formData

But of course that doesn't work. This is what I've got instead:

//this turns an array of field objects into just the name of the field
const fieldNames = fields.map(field => field.key);

//so here I just grab the field name if it's not an empty string
//and stick it in the new object. `popup: true` is not a required
//field, but it is necessary for the URL.
let necessaryFields = fieldNames.reduce(
  (newFormObject, fieldName) => {
    if (formData[fieldName]){ 
      newFormObject[fieldName] = formData[fieldName]; 
    return newFormObject;
  }, { popup: true });

After this code runs, I just run the object through an existing addParamsToUrl function (that unfortunately does not account for empty fields) that pretty much just does field_name=field_value& with each key-value pair.

Is there a nicer way to do this? I'm also always looking to make my code as functional as possible (and that's possibly why this irks me).


I think you could do this in one go using Object.keys on your formData Object, followed by a few methods from the Array and String prototype.

var formData = { 
  account_name: 'SomeAccountName',
  custom_domain_name: '',
  id: 152

var enc = encodeURIComponent;

// create an array from formData props
var query = Object.keys( formData )
// filter by the prop value length
// which will only give you props where the value
// has a length property which is greater than 0.
  .filter( key => formData[key].length )
// map to acctually add the value to the filtered props
// separated by equal signs.
  .map( key => enc( key ) + '=' + enc( formData[key] ) )
// add your popup prop
  .concat( 'popup=true' )
// join your array elements to a string separated by &.
  .join( '&' )
// finally add ? to the beginning of the string.
  .replace ( /^/,'?' );

// here is your query string.
.as-console-wrapper { top: 0; }


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