I have a Makefile, which should when calling make just call make in a list of subdirectories. The subdirectories should not be automatically detected but are fine to be hard coded (Tool1, Package2, Submodule3 below). Furthermore, if I call make Tool1, Tool1 should be built (i.e. the directory names should be recognised as targets). At this top level I have no use for dependency checking, the Makefiles in the subdirectories take care of that. My current version looks like this:

subdirs := Tool1 Package2 Submodule3

.PHONY: all clean $(subdirs)



define makesubdir
  make -C $(1)

all: $(1)

define makesubdirclean
  make -C $(1) clean

clean: $(1)-clean

$(foreach SUBDIR,$(subdirs),$(eval $(call makesubdir,$(SUBDIR))))
$(foreach SUBDIR,$(subdirs),$(eval $(call makesubdirclean,$(SUBDIR))))

What I already considered:

  • I don't want a for loop in the all target, to allow parallel building with make -j. An older version read like:

    all: for DIR in $(subdirs); do make -C $$DIR ; done

  • The subdirectories should be defined only in one place, adding a new subdirectory should happen only on one place.

  • The subdirectories are .PHONY such that make gets called in them, regardless of the directory's timestamp.

  • I thought all: $(subdirs) would be easier to read than all: $(1) but that way only Tool1 got built.


It could be a matter of personal taste, but I use functions as the last resort. Consider

.PHONY: $(subdirs)

all: $(subdirs)
clean: $(subdirs)

    make -C $@ $(MAKECMDGOALS)
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