Here is part of my build system.

guessCompilers :: Options -> IO Options
guessCompilers options =  foldl (>>=) (return options) modifiers where 
  modifiers = 
     -- guessAsymptote, 
     -- guessTex, 
     -- guessLatex, 
     -- guessXelatex
guessMetapost :: Options -> IO Options
guessMetapost opts = if isJust $ optMetaPost opts 
                           putStrLn $ printf "using enforced Metapost compiler: %s" (fromJust $optMetaPost opts)
                           >> return opts
                         else do 
                           cc <- compiler Metapost.interface
                           if isJust cc then putStrLn $ printf "found Metapost compiler: %s" (fromJust cc)
                                             else putStrLn "found Metapost compiler: none"

Compiler can be spectified by cmd args or can be guessed. But double checking for Nothing is not cool in my opinion. Also, I heard fromJust is evil. Any suggestions to improve my code?


Pattern match instead of using isJust and fromJust. (You could use maybe instead of pattern matching, but I think pattern matching is clearer in this case.)

This eliminates the possibility of forgetting to ensure a value is a Just before calling fromJust on it.

guessMetapost :: Options -> IO ()
guessMetapost opts
   = case optMetaPost opts of
         Just mcc -> putStrLn $ printf "using enforced Metapost compiler: %s" mcc
         Nothing -> do
           cc' <- compiler Metapost.interface
           case cc' of
               Just cc -> putStrLn $ printf "found Metapost compiler: %s" cc
               Nothing -> putStrLn "found Metapost compiler: none"

(Your code wasn't consistently returning any options, so I've stripped that bit out.)

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    \$\begingroup\$ You can also get rid of putStrLn $ printf ..., and simply write printf. There is an IO a instance of PrintfType. \$\endgroup\$ – danr Jul 30 '12 at 15:01

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