Sometimes there is need to change an integer to text. I often use the following way:

"" + myNumber

But there is alternative way:


Which one is better (performance, readability, safety)? Or are those equal?


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I would recommend


This allows you to to change myNumber to another primitive type - or a Number - later.

"" + myNumber

should be avoided since :

  • it produces clutter bytecode (instanciating a new StringBuffer)
  • it does not convey what you wanted to do with myNumber

Integer.toString(myNumber) is the safer way because it throws a malformed exception.

Do not worry about performance at this level. There is an expression: Premature Optimization.

EDIT after comment

"3000000000" > Integer.MAX_VALUE throw an Exception
"-2900000000" < Integer.MIN_VALUE throw an Exception
"OO12345" throw an exception, because it begins with two O letters, not zero.

You can also manage radix :

String intS = "010101";
System.out.format("Parsing %s gives %d, fail with \"010102\"%n",
    intS,(Integer.parseInt(intS, 2)));
intS = "10CAFE8";
System.out.format("Parsing %s gives %d, fail with \"10CAGE8\"%n",
    intS,(Integer.parseInt(intS, 16)));

Output :

Parsing 010101 gives 21, fail with "010102"
Parsing 10CAFE8 gives 17608680, fail with "10CAGE8"

EDIT after comment 2

Look in Effective Java and search for StringBuilder() to understant how to replace '+' usage.

At execution time, a '+' create something like this code :

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

This code is better :

final int a = 123;

Look at Java code of Integer.toString(a);
In Eclipse : CTRL+rightClick on toString() print the Java code . Give the src.zip path in SDK directory if it not already done.
And compare with StringBuilder.append(int);

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I would say they were equally as good. I prefer to use


as I find it explains the transition better

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