I have an EF-driven Repository pattern implementation. Roughly looks like this:

public class DataRepository : IDataRepository
  public IDbSet<Contacts> Contacts { get; set; }

I would like to implement a Contact import functionality, which has some custom logic for manipulating the entity which is being imported (i.e. it is different from Adding an entity to the repo).

I see two options right now:

  1. Implement an extension method on the IDbSet<Contacts> Contacts, which would allow me to do:



  2. Implement a static method on the Contact class, which will then allow me to do something like:


    but then I am not sure how I would attach the entity to the context, without breaking my abstraction...

I could also implement an 'Import Service' which wraps this functionality, but it seems very old-school. e.g.:

public class ContactsImportService
  public ContactsImportService(IDataRepository dataRepo)

  public void Import(Contact contact)
    // Manipulate contact here

Any thoughts?

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Implementing an extension method will be a good approach.

However, since you already have a repository layer with IDataRepository & an implementation class DataRepository, the best approach will be to declare a method signature in IDataRepository interface & implement the method in DataRepository class itself.

This will ensure, we are not touching/extending the direct data access objects of entity framework that is IDbSet<Contact>.

Also its always good thing to group the methods working on object sets (aka Add, edit, delete) in a single place like DataRepository (Since you already have this in place).

The import operation as you have specified is specifically for a single entity & I hope its carrying all relevant information for the import within the Contact object itself.

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