I am checking data output in some testing code, and only some fields can be None, but I think this can be better:

for key in data[0].keys():
        self.assertIn(key, data_model)
        if data[0][key] is None:
            self.assertTrue('rate' in key or 'percentage' in key or 'ratio' in key)
        self.assertIsInstance(data[0][key], data_model[key])

Mostly I don't like the ... or ... in the assertTrue


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A few things:

  • your indentation looks weird

  • you could store data[0] in some variable with a relevant name.

  • you could iterate over both keys and values with iteritems() /items()

  • you do not need continue here. A simple else would do the trick and is more explicit.

  • The line you don't quite like could be replaced by something like :

self.assertTrue(any(w in key for w in ('rate', 'percentage', 'ratio')))

The resulting code would be :

first_data = data[0]
for key, val in first_data.items():
    self.assertIn(key, data_model)
    if val is None:
        self.assertTrue(any(w in key for w in ('rate', 'percentage', 'ratio')))
        self.assertIsInstance(val, data_model[key])
  • \$\begingroup\$ Thanks - any was exactly what I wanted, just hadn't thought of it. Also good suggestion about items(), and I agree about the else \$\endgroup\$ Jun 30, 2016 at 14:35

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