This is pretty ugly now. My main objective is to perform a search query, which I do via mongoosastic / elastic search (the search paginates 12 items at time). Then, I want to match those results with a separate "Following" collection.

I find documents from the "Following" collection by the current user's Id, then I use the for loop to match those documents with the returned array of objects provided by the search query -- to mark them as already followed if they match.

I'm looking for a more elegant node solution, but my main concern is: what is the most scalable / performant way to do this?

If the Following collection greatly increases in size (as there is no limit to how many follows a user can have), would that result in atrocious response times for the current function?

exports.topSearch = function(req, res) {
          query_string: {
            query: req.body.search
        }, {
          from: req.body.fromNum,
          size: req.body.size,
          hydrate: req.body.hydrate
        function(err, results) {
          if (err) console.log('ERR', err);
          if (results) {
            var data = results.hits.hits;        

              userId: req.user._id
            }, function(err, docs) {
              if (!err) {
                for (var i = 0; i < docs.length; i++) {
                  for (var j = 0; j < data.length; j++) {
                    if (data[j]._id == docs[i]['productId']) {
                      data[j]['followed'] = true;
                    console.log('data', data[j]);

          } else {
              errmsg: 'results not defined'

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