This is meant to be a bidirectional flow BidiFlow that works exactly as BidiFlow.identity, except that it completes the stage as soon as one of the Flows (in1 -> out1 or in2 -> out2) is completed.

This can be useful to automatically close a connection fully when one of the two sides is closed.

There are a few tricks to prevent object allocation.

import akka.stream.{ Outlet, Inlet, Attributes, BidiShape }
import akka.stream.stage._

object DisconnectBidiFlow {

  def apply[A, B]: GraphStage[BidiShape[A, A, B, B]] = Impl.asInstanceOf[GraphStage[BidiShape[A, A, B, B]]]

  private object Impl extends GraphStage[BidiShape[Any, Any, Any, Any]] {

    val in1: Inlet[Any] = Inlet("DisconnectBidiFlow.in1")
    val out1: Outlet[Any] = Outlet("DisconnectBidiFlow.out1")
    val in2: Inlet[Any] = Inlet("DisconnectBidiFlow.in2")
    val out2: Outlet[Any] = Outlet("DisconnectBidiFlow.out2")

    override def createLogic(inheritedAttributes: Attributes): GraphStageLogic = new GraphStageLogic(shape) {
      def map[T](in: Inlet[T], out: Outlet[T]) = {
        val handler = new InHandler with OutHandler {
          override def onPush(): Unit =
            push(out, grab(in))

          override def onPull(): Unit =
        setHandler(in, handler)
        setHandler(out, handler)
      map(in1, out1)
      map(in2, out2)

    override def shape = BidiShape(in1, out1, in2, out2)


  • Can/should the shape be a val
  • Suggestions for a better name.
    • It is not really a BidiFlow but just shaped like one. It is a GraphStage[BidiShape[A, A, B, B]]
    • Should the name contain the purpose (FullDisconnectBidiFlow?)

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Maybe talk a bit about the "tricks to prevent object allocation."

Based on the current examples in the Akka docs, the shape should be override val. My understanding is that the accepted pattern when designing traits is to def your contract, and implement with val wherever possible.

As they say - naming is hard and often a matter of taste. The pattern reminds me of a fuse, or breaker - but fuse has a particular meaning in Akka, so that's probably not a great choice. Maybe BreakerFlow?


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