I need to transform

List("home", "mens", "clothing", "jackets")



This is what I have so far:

val nodes = Array("home", "mens", "clothing", "jackets")
val (rootNode, otherNodes) = nodes.splitAt(1)
val tree = otherNodes.foldLeft(rootNode) { (list, token) =>
    list :+ (list.last + "/" + token)

What do you think? any obvious problems?


It looks like you need a variation of the prefix sum algorithm applied to your list. In Scala this can be accomplished with scan:

val xs = List("home", "mens", "clothing", "jackets")
xs.scan("")(_ + "/" + _).tail
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  • \$\begingroup\$ Very nice! I didn't know about scan \$\endgroup\$ – user78169 Mar 17 '16 at 3:44

I think you don't need to split the nodes to run this correctly..


val tree = (nodes.foldLeft("") { (list, token) => 
    list :+ (list.last + "/" + token)

I could also imagine extracting the current binary operator into a separate function.

Aside from that this is really nice and clean

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