I currently have this code that is controlling my CLI flow:

const FLOW = [
].reduce((m, fn) => {
  cli.info(`${fn} phase starting.`);
  let current = extract[fn];

  // Ensure that all my itens inside FLOW are functions
  if (Object.prototype.toString.call(current) !== '[object Function]') {
    cli.error('You have a non-function in your FLOW.');

  let result = new current(m).process(); // Store the new MAP
  cli.info(`${fn} phase ending.`);
  return result;
}, MAP);

I'm working with files, so i'm using sync code.

at each stage I have some code that looks like the other phases:

module.exports = Class NameOfPhase {
   constructor (MAP) {
     this.MAP = MAP || {};

   process () {

And I'm using these lines to print the current phase:

cli.info(`${fn} phase starting.`);
cli.info(`${fn} phase ending.`);

I would like to improve the initializer. I don't want let this lines there. Do you have some suggestions for me? Also, are there any ways to improve the code?


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