I'm trying to write terse Perl code to calculate the average of each column in a file. The file can have >= 1 columns.

use strict;
use warnings;
use List::Util qw/sum/;

my @aoc = ();
while (<DATA>) {
  my $c = 0;
  push @{ $aoc[$c++] }, $_ foreach (split);
print join (" ", map { sum(@$_)/@$_ } @aoc), $/;

#output: 2.66666666666667 26.6666666666667 266.666666666667

1 10 100
3 30 300
4 40 400

Can this code be any terser? I tried to remove while (<DATA>) by replacing split with map { $c = 0; split } <DATA> but this does not reset $c to 0 for each loop.

Any ideas on how to reduce this code further?


Following @mpapec suggestion, your code becomes (in pseudocode):

@columns = transpose(map (split " ", readlines("filename")))
print join (" ", map { sum(@$_)/@$_ } (columns), $/;

Where readlines reads a file into an array of lines.

To find the transpose function you will have to follow the link @mpapec gave you.

Your code is now down to just two lines and uses functional programming, that seems to be encouraged in Perl, so it looks better to me.


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