Timeline for Transcoding of a large histogram

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Correcting a mistake and adding a suggestion
Apr 16 '18 at 11:08 comment added Stingy @Sam I'm glad it helped. It just occurred to me that the line with sizeCounter -= 255 is probably not a bug after all, since runCounter will only contain values from 0 to 254 at the beginning of the loop, meaning that a run will contain at most 255 elements, not 256. I will update the answer accordingly.
Apr 16 '18 at 6:16 comment added Sam Thanks for the review, and taking the time to trawl through some very complex code. I will definitely use the suggestions, and try to make it a bit more readable!
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Improving the method to calculate the binary logarithm
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Introducing a local variable to increase readability, and using an OptionalInt instead of an Optional<Integer>
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