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What is this site’s policy on content generated by generative artificial intelligence tools?

ChatGPT-generated questions and answers are not accepted.

ChatGPT-generated code is not accepted.

Generative artificial intelligence (a.k.a. GPT, LLM, generative AI, genAI) tools may not be used to generate content for Code Review Stack Exchange. The content you provide must either be your own original work, or your summary of the properly referenced work of others. If your content is determined to have been written by generative artificial intelligence tools, it will be deleted, along with any reputation earned from it. Posting content generated by generative artificial intelligence tools may lead to a warning from moderators, a suspension or possibly a the loss of your account for repeated infractions.

Please do not post content on Code Review using such tools.

Not in questions, not in answers, not in code, not in comments. Not anywhere.

Why am I not allowed to use generative artificial intelligence services to draft my content?

Stack Exchange is a collaborative resource, developed and maintained by members of the community. There are a few primary issues with content generated by large language models that makes it unsuitable for use on Code Review Stack Exchange:

  1. Users who ask questions on Code Review Stack Exchange expect to receive an answer authored and vetted by a human. While human authors are not perfect, generative artificial intelligence tools may fabricate false or misleading information.
  2. Users who ask questions on Code Review Stack Exchange may have already sought answers elsewhere. Due to the ease of using generative artificial intelligence services, there is no point in using them here as well.
  3. Even when generative artificial intelligence tools appear to cite sources for responses, such sources may not be relevant to the original request, or may not exist at all. For Code Review Stack Exchange, this means the content may not honestly or fairly represent the sources of knowledge used, even if someone explicitly cites the generative artificial intelligence tool as an author in their content.

Answering correctly is always more important than answering quickly.