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Top new questions this week:

Python tool to organize downloaded media files

I'm making a file management project that I eventually want to be automated later in the future (once I learn how to). What it does is take files from my download folder and move those files to the ...

python beginner python-3.x file-system  
user avatar asked by Tam-Fils Salomon Score of 15
user avatar answered by Reinderien Score of 15

Mathematical expression evaluator (C++) Using Flex and Yacc

Based on this question, I thought I should show how to implement an expression evaluator using Flex and Bison. Updated: Here Currently it does not handle releasing the expressions (I only spent an ...

c++ math-expression-eval yacc flex  
user avatar asked by Martin York Score of 9
user avatar answered by G. Sliepen Score of 5

Mathematical expression evaluator (C++)

I'm new to C++ and I decided to experiment with the language, by writing a mathematical expression evaluator, using the Shunting-Yard algorithm. A design choice that may stand out as weird is the fact ...

c++ beginner parsing math-expression-eval  
user avatar asked by CubeyTheCube Score of 8
user avatar answered by G. Sliepen Score of 6

Python decibel meter-accurate?


python python-3.x numpy audio scipy  
user avatar asked by ijknm Score of 8
user avatar answered by Reinderien Score of 30

ROT13 encryption using array indexing

This is a basic rot13 encryption program. I'm just looking for a general review, any feedback, or any optimization of what I wrote today as practice. I know that I need to not rely on indexes as I do ...

python caesar-cipher  
user avatar asked by ntg_908 Score of 7
user avatar answered by gazoh Score of 7

rustymines - a mine sweeping game with a shenanigan

I am learning Rust for about a week now. I just finished my first little working project, a mine sweeping game. The game comes with a little extra feature, namely old, broken (rusty) mines, that will ...

beginner rust minesweeper  
user avatar asked by Richard Neumann Score of 5
user avatar answered by sarema Score of 1

Grabbing youtube thumbnails from urls

I made some C# code to grab youtube thumbnails from urls, I originally made this in python took some time converting it to C#. I am VERY new to C# and did this with minimal help. ...

c# beginner console image web-scraping  
user avatar asked by Joshua Bursill Score of 5
user avatar answered by Peter Csala Score of 5

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Java Snake game

I am a self - taught coder, and have been learning Java / C# for the last 2 1/2 years (inconsistently). I have recently created a snake game in Java with the help of an online tutorial. I have ...

java game swing snake-game  
user avatar asked by tanu1215 Score of 13
user avatar answered by bazola Score of 8

CSS and HTML5 for this fixed header on scroll

When I had to create a fixed header on scroll, I found a few examples on Stack Overflow but they were terrible in the sense that they relied on a fixed page height. Have a look at what I created which ...

jquery html css html5  
user avatar asked by JGallardo Score of 7
user avatar answered by Joseph Score of 12

Tiny text adventure

I made a small text adventure. I'm not trying to make it appealing to anyone, but rather just to practice my Python skills. I am fairly new to Python and this was my next step after making a console ...

python optimization beginner adventure-game  
user avatar asked by Elliott Rhys Score of 14
user avatar answered by rreillo Score of 16

cm-to-inch calculator

After a few pages reading Learning Python Hard Way, I've decided to try to make a simple cm-to-inch calculator. I am very excited about this achievement, and I want someone to check my code. It works ...

python beginner converting  
user avatar asked by nikola1970 Score of 15
user avatar answered by jonrsharpe Score of 21

Designing classes and methods for hospital management system

I am working on hospital management system project. I have implemented it using the following design. Is it a good design? I have created four classes: Patient, <...

java object-oriented  
user avatar asked by Malwaregeek Score of 3
user avatar answered by unholysampler Score of 8

Simple Java calculator

I am a beginner in Java programming. Here is my simple calculator. I hope you could scan through my coding and let me know if there is any error in my coding or how I could simplify the code. ...

java beginner calculator  
user avatar asked by Isaac Score of 12
user avatar answered by Vojta Score of 14

jQuery dynamic elements like TR and TD, add to HTML table

Is it possible to create dynamic TR and TD elements in an HTML table? Something similar but better than this: ...

javascript jquery html  
user avatar asked by sebob Score of 7
user avatar answered by George Score of 9

Can you answer these questions?

Alpha finance trader singleton

I used to write singleton in Python, which actually Alpha only need to initialize once and the trading bot will run forever. For example in ...

python classes singleton  
user avatar asked by tung Score of 1

Chomp game in javascript

I tried to make a 2-player Chomp game in javascript: ...

javascript game html  
user avatar asked by Carla only proves trivial prop Score of 2

Mathematical expression evaluator (C++) Using Flex and Yacc Attempt2

Attempt 2: First Try here. Usage: ./expression Then you can either type expressions that are evaluated when you hit ...

c++ makefile yacc flex  
user avatar asked by Martin York Score of 4
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