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Top new questions this week:

C# Advanced guessing game

I'm learning C# and after watching the course and get the basics I decided to write a small project. It's a guessing game where a player can: guess (of course): that will subtract his/her energy rest:...

c# beginner  
asked by GravityCat 10 votes
answered by arconaut 5 votes

Microservice that fetches data from REST repository endpoints on Github

I have code in Python 3 where I fetch data from the GitHub API, and I want some advice on the architecture of this code. ...

python web-scraping api web-services  
asked by E.Mohammed 9 votes
answered by Graipher 4 votes

OOP implementation of Rock Paper Scissors game logic in Java

What is your opinion on my solution for Rock Paper Scissors game logic in Java? Round outcome enum class ...

java object-oriented game rock-paper-scissors  
asked by Zoran Jankov 8 votes
answered by Ralf Kleberhoff 11 votes

Dealing cards for a game - my first Python project

I am new to Python but I aspire to become a 'proper' Python coder, (maybe even one day help the noobs on CodeReview :) Therefore I want to get into good habits early, and would really appreciate some ...

python python-3.x tkinter  
asked by RoadBadger 8 votes
answered by Snowbody 0 votes

Fibonacci sequence output

Here's the code I'm having trouble shortening. I am currently a beginner in Python 3.x. ...

python beginner python-3.x fibonacci-sequence  
asked by Lolfaceftw 7 votes
answered by G. Sliepen 14 votes

Generic test case templates

I often find that when I am writing, refactoring, or reviewing code that I want to do some simple testing. There are many existing test frameworks such as gtest and cppunit but my desire was to ...

c++ unit-testing c++17 template template-meta-programming  
asked by Edward 7 votes
answered by Martin York 8 votes

Shuffle a deck of cards and draw 2

I recently came across a coding challenge on some sort of technological basket weaving forum, where you had to pick 2 cards from a shuffled deck. I believe the challenge can be interpreted 2 ways: ...

asked by AnnoyinC 6 votes
answered by Quuxplusone 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Swing calculator - first GUI program

I've recently made a calculator using Java and Swing. I'm okay with the results but I'm curious what are the major flaws I've made (assuming there are, because it is my first program making GUI). I ...

java swing calculator  
asked by JustAnEuropean 15 votes
answered by Simon Forsberg 10 votes

C++ quiz game with 25 questions

I created a quiz game program with 25 questions, 4 answer choices, correct answer and 4 points awarded per question. I realize this code isn't the best; I am still a beginner and this is my first ...

c++ beginner object-oriented quiz  
asked by Torrjv 14 votes

Python username and password program

Can the following code be simplified? I think that the program that I have created is very excessive and quite slow. The program runs fine, but I would like to understand if this could actually be ...

python beginner python-3.x authentication  
asked by Greg 10 votes
answered by Quintec 11 votes

Simple Example of an Iterable and an Iterator in Java

I was a TA for a first-year Java programming course this year. As a very simple example of iterables/iterators, I wrote the following code for the students. I am curious if any styling or other ...

java iterator interval  
asked by Sahand 45 votes
answered by rolfl 36 votes

Python calculator script

Are there any ways to make this calculator script for Python better or simpler? ...

python python-3.x calculator  
asked by TheSuds13 3 votes
answered by Vedran Ĺ ego 4 votes

Triangle Type Program

Is there any way to simplify it further? ...

asked by user53068 6 votes
answered by maaartinus 9 votes

Generic Null/Empty check for each property of a class

I have created a method to check for null/empty values of class properties and if any null property is found I'm stopping the checking process and returning the result as true. I've used a solution ...

c# object-oriented reflection null wcf  
asked by iSahilSharma 13 votes
answered by Adriano Repetti 19 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Rust - insert into piecetable

I'm writing a piece table library in Rust with the structures: #[derive(Default)] struct Piece { additional: bool, offset: usize, length: usize, } and <...

strings rust  
asked by lincoln 1 vote

React App with external route table and cookie-based routing

This is a small frontend frame for a React app that is built then served statically. Because the app uses React-Router for browser-based routing but the server ...

javascript react.js  
asked by Coupcoup 1 vote

Segment tree and queries

I studied segment tree recently and I made this code of segment tree and its queries. Is my code correct in terms of time complexity? ...

asked by piyush shende 1 vote
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