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Top new questions this week:

Logs 'Fizz' for multiples of three, 'Buzz', for multiples of 5, and 'Fizz Buzz' for multiples of 3 & 5

I'm new to coding and have been directed here from Stack Overflow. As I'm new to coding, I'm not entirely sure if my program works completely, but I think it does. I'm looking for suggestions on how ...

javascript fizzbuzz  
asked by Marc Sharp 8 votes
answered by konijn 11 votes

Tic-Tac-Toe code using c#

I am a beginner coder and was wondering how to improve my c# console code. It makes a tic-tac-toe game. ...

c# beginner console tic-tac-toe  
asked by PARTH 8 votes
answered by Olivier Jacot-Descombes 10 votes

Vigenère Cipher problem in competitive programming

I've just started doing programming problems. The code below works fine, but my run time is 2.715 seconds and the time limit is 3 seconds. How ...

python performance  
asked by John Doe 6 votes
answered by Kelly Bundy 13 votes

Embedded IoT: local data storage when no network coverage

I am working on a part of an IoT project where I have been given a task to develop a mechanism to store data locally when there is no network coverage or if the network is down for some reason. Our ...

c database circular-list embedded  
asked by Vinay Divakar 6 votes
answered by Toby Speight 9 votes

Is my website's PHP registration system secure?

I would like to know if my registration system is secure. I'm not sure if it is secure, as I'm new in development, and I'm afraid that the system is flawed Also, I'm not experienced in object oriented ...

php security  
asked by Anne Batch 6 votes
answered by Your Common Sense 4 votes

Class showing a format similar to var_dump RC5 Version

Some methods of this library require some improvements (see this description): In the constructor I am trying to create the possibility that the user modifies the ...

performance php object-oriented security logging  
asked by Francisco Núñez 5 votes
answered by mdfst13 2 votes

Farmer, Wolf, Goat and Cabbage Problem: full decision tree in C

I put a backtracking algorithm around the Farmer, Wolf, Goat and Cabbage problem - to see if there are any interesting branches, besides the (two) 7-step solutions. WGC Problem: A Farmer with a wolf, ...

c backtracking  
asked by Country Boy 5 votes
answered by Country Boy 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Simple Java calculator

I am a beginner in Java programming. Here is my simple calculator. I hope you could scan through my coding and let me know if there is any error in my coding or how I could simplify the code. ...

java beginner calculator  
asked by Isaac 12 votes
answered by Vojta 14 votes

Issuing multiple choice tests

I'm working on code for an assignment and I was hoping you all could point me in the right direction. Basically I had to write a program that will issue out a multiple choice test. I have 4 options, ...

java beginner quiz  
asked by momofierce 7 votes

Bank ATM program

I'm new to Java and have been reading Java for Dummies and other ones as well. I've started building this program like a week ago. I'm sure it's very messy. Just seeing if someone can clean it up and ...

java beginner finance  
asked by Matt McCarthy 10 votes
answered by palacsint 10 votes

Count number of each char in a String

I know there is a simpler way of doing this, but I just really can't think of it right now. Can you please help me out? ...

java strings  
asked by statius 16 votes
answered by Marco Acierno 34 votes

Airline Reservations System

Would it be possible to get some feedback on some code I've just written? I've been working my way through Deitels' Java How to Program for the past few months and thought I'd better ask for some help ...

java object-oriented console  
asked by Treehouse 4 votes
answered by Thomas Junk 5 votes

Swing calculator - first GUI program

I've recently made a calculator using Java and Swing. I'm okay with the results but I'm curious what are the major flaws I've made (assuming there are, because it is my first program making GUI). I ...

java swing calculator  
asked by JustAnEuropean 15 votes
answered by Simon Forsberg 10 votes

Grouping elements in array by multiple properties

During work, I was given this task: to group elements with similar properties in the array. In general, the problem is as follows: ...

javascript sorting properties  
asked by Saike 60 votes
answered by konijn 62 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Find All Permutations of String in Scala

I created the following function, permutations, to produce all permutations of a List[A]. Example: ...

scala combinatorics  
asked by Kevin Meredith 1 vote
answered by kayvan 0 votes

gpuIncreaseOne Function Implementation in CUDA

I am trying to perform the basic operations + with CUDA for GPU computation. The function vectorIncreaseOne is the instance for ...

beginner c reinventing-the-wheel cuda  
asked by JimmyHu 1 vote

Sort items so that parents are created before their children

I've been asked to create some code to help automate the loading of data into a system based on employee data in a spreadsheet. However, the data isn't clean, so some people may have no manager, some ...

sorting powershell  
asked by JohnLBevan 1 vote
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