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Top new questions this week:

Simulation of a falling ball

I made a simple simulation of a falling ball. Is it possible to somehow improve or optimize this code? What tips can you give for development? ...

c++ beginner physics  
asked by TuleKr1s 8 votes
answered by user673679 11 votes

A beginner's first Tic Tac Toe implementation

I've been teaching myself Python and decided to make a Tic Tac Toe game for a bit of practice. Any criticisms or pointers are welcome! ...

python beginner game tic-tac-toe  
asked by JLByrne 7 votes
answered by Hannah W. 4 votes

C++20 : N-dimensional minimal Matrix class

I wrote a N-dim matrix (tensor) class, based on my previous 2D matrix implementation(2D Matrix in C++20 and Strassen's algorithm), accepting many helpful reviews from here. MatrixBase.h ...

c++ matrix c++20  
asked by frozenca 7 votes
answered by G. Sliepen 6 votes

Header only bigint library written in c++20

I made this over the course of a week and a half, to use it for some Project Euler problems. My goal was to make something relatively efficient that could be used as easily as a builtin type. I also ...

c++ beginner c++20 bigint  
asked by ThePirate42 6 votes
answered by Deduplicator 3 votes

Generate combinations of a given sequence without recursion

Given an array of unique numbers find the combinations Doing a deep copy in the code to avoid changes to the passed obj by reference This has a run time of \$O(n \times \text{#ofcombinations})\$ - can ...

python python-3.x  
asked by Juggernaut17 6 votes
answered by vnp 10 votes

Simple number guessing game in python

The problem is to ask the user to guess a number between 1 to 100 and compare it with a random number of that range. If user guessed number is lesser/greater than the random number print "too low&...

python beginner python-3.x number-guessing-game  
asked by raja 5 votes
answered by Reinderien 2 votes

Implementing range from_to with step


c++ algorithm  
asked by Ivan Petrushenko 4 votes
answered by G. Sliepen 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Sudoku Solver in C

I had this code lying around, so I figured I would submit this as my first attempt at a weekend-challenge. I would prefer if reviews contained suggestions on how to improve the algorithm, but all ...

c weekend-challenge sudoku  
asked by syb0rg 38 votes
answered by David Harkness 19 votes

Get the value of the name attribute of each element with class="class"

I need a function to get the value of the name attribute of each element with class="class". I was wondering what is the best way to do this, performance-wise. Currently I'm using jQuery and doing it ...

javascript jquery html dom  
asked by Alex 9 votes
answered by Daniel Imms 9 votes

Basic Memory Match Game in Java

I'm relatively new to Java and decided to make a Memory Match game. ...

java game  
asked by swnet 7 votes

Stack implementation using linked list

This is a working stack implementation using a linked list. I'm just curious to know if this is a good way of doing it. Any suggestions are welcome. Can we keep track of the number of elements in ...

c++ linked-list stack  
asked by Software Engineer 14 votes
answered by Jamal 10 votes

2-player dice game

This is a game for two users who roll 2 dice 5 times. If the total of dice is even, the player gains 10 points; if it is odd, they lose 5. If there is a tie after the five rounds, then the users have ...

python python-3.x game dice  
asked by Panda32 4 votes
answered by Peilonrayz 8 votes

Chess game in Python

I have programmed for 2 months, and I began writing a Chess game. I am a beginner programmer in Python, so please assess my code. ...

python beginner chess  
asked by Rafail 18 votes
answered by Daniel Quinn 14 votes

Fade-in and fade-out in pure JavaScript

I decided to build my own fade-in fade-out function, since that is all I need on my page. Please comment on things I can make better. ...

javascript animation  
asked by Hakan 14 votes

Can you answer these questions?

class uploade file(photo,video,..) laravel

I am working on a project, the previous programmer used this method to save photos, videos, etc. ...

php comparative-review laravel  
asked by Afshin Tavakolian 2 votes

Right structure, three-layered architecture webdevelopment

My question is have i gotten the three-layered architecture right with error handling etc. I have a webpage containing different resources. The code works but I am not sure if have structured it ...

javascript node.js mvc express.js  
asked by PreKaGit 2 votes

Delphi TIdTCPClient connection pool in a multithread environment

I want to use TIdTCPClient to connect to Redis from a web server application made with Delphi and TWebModule. Currently on ...

tcp delphi connection-pool  
asked by ar099968 1 vote
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