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Every time I write a new PHP page, I usually need to include this at the top:


    require_once(__DIR__ . '/../libraries/global.lib.php');

    function load_classes($class) { // appears to get all the names of the classes that are needed in this script...
        $file_name = './classes/' . $class . '.class.php';
        if (file_exists($file_name)) {

    function load_interfaces($interface) {
        $file_name = './classes/' . $interface . '.interface.php';
        if (file_exists($file_name)) {



Is there any way to condense this? Would putting this in a separate PHP file work?

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Moving this to an include would work. You will have to be careful about paths like __DIR__ since they apply directly to the file they are contained in. – willoller Mar 10 '14 at 1:07
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Yes, you could put that into a separate file and include_once('header_file.php');.

You try something such as:

function loadFile($name, $isInterface = false) {
    $type = ($isInterface == true) ? 'interface' : 'class'
    $path = sprintf('./classes/%s.%s.php',$name,$type);
    if (file_exists($path)) {
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