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I'm working on extending the functionality of a photo gallery by adding a thumbnail display, I have multiple if statements set up to adjust the position of the thumbnails. Obviously this is not ideal, I'm trying to put my head around how to use a for loop to iterate the width multiplier and curSlide position.

Ideally I would like the curSlide to increment after every 5 slide and the thumbGalwidth*i to increment as well.

var thumbGalwidth = 795;

if(currSlide < 6) {
jQuery('#view-all-container').css('margin-left', '-' + thumbGalwidth*0 + 'px');
if(currSlide >= 6) {
jQuery('#view-all-container').css('margin-left', '-' + thumbGalwidth*1 + 'px');
if (currSlide >= 11) {
jQuery('#view-all-container').css('margin-left', '-' + thumbGalwidth*2 + 'px');
if (currSlide >= 16) {
jQuery('#view-all-container').css('margin-left', '-' + thumbGalwidth*3 +     'px');
if (currSlide >= 21) {
jQuery('#view-all-container').css('margin-left', '-' + thumbGalwidth*4 +    'px');
if (currSlide >= 26) {
jQuery('#view-all-container').css('margin-left', '-' + thumbGalwidth*5 +    'px');
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How does curSlide change over time in this code? It looks quite fixed, and I suspect you omitted the looping code calling this function. Please provide enough context to advise you intelligently. –  David Harkness Feb 28 at 3:51
Be wary with accepting answers so quickly. It could discourage future reviews from being written. –  syb0rg Feb 28 at 3:56

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Because you have nice, predictable ranges, you don't need a loop at all. Just do a little math.

var thumbGalwidth = 795;

var n = Math.floor(((currSlide || 1)-1) / 5);

jQuery('#view-all-container').css('margin-left', '-' + thumbGalwidth*n + 'px');

If the largest n should be 5, then change the assignment to this:

var n = Math.min(5, Math.floor(((currSlide || 1)-1) / 5));
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Guess I don't need to add an answer now .... +1, and welcome to CR –  rolfl Feb 28 at 3:49
@rolfl: Thanks. You could still add a loop answer since that's what is specifically being asked. If the ranges aren't so tidy, then that would be needed. –  cookie monster Feb 28 at 3:49
I was going to add essentially the exact same answer as you (why use a loop when math can do the work for you). –  rolfl Feb 28 at 3:50
wow, thank you. I was so stuck on thinking I needed a loop, but this works very well. –  Randall987 Feb 28 at 3:51
Welcome to CR! Feel free to come join us in the chat room sometime! :) –  syb0rg Feb 28 at 3:54

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