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This is a simple loop menu script that I have for class. The goal was to make a menu with applicable commands.


  • A. Greet me. (Greet the user by their username (using the whoami command with back ticks))
  • B. Create a file in my home directory. (Ask the user what they want to name the file. Make sure the file does not already exist, using an if statement)
  • C. Search for a file. (Ask the user for the starting location of the file and the name. Use the find command)
  • D. Exit

I have 0 confidence in my scripting skills as I'm learning, so could you help me out? I don't know if put ;; at the end of choices like touch filescript;; read filescript;;, so on. Also, I'm not very sure of my choice C, creating in home directory.

# This is Script 2 written by Jake Smoak
until [ $CHOICE -eq 4 ]
echo Please select a menu item
echo "A.) "Greet Me"
echo "B.) "Create a file in my home directory"
echo "C.) "Search for a file"
echo "D.) "Exit"
case $CHOICE in
A) echo "Hello $(whoami)."
B) echo "What would like to name the file?"
touch FILENAME;;
if [ -a $FILENAME ]
echo "Sorry, this file is already made"
C) echo -n "Enter the location where the search should start. "
echo -n "What is the name of the file to search for? "
echo "Search starting for the $FILENAME file in the $STARTLOCATION directory"
find $STARTLOCATION -name $FILENAME 2> /dev/null
D) echo "Sorry to see you go :("
*) echo You have made a mistake, Please try again"
echo "Press Enter to continue"
read Enter
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As mentioned in the comments, there are some pretty major bugs (missing fi, etc). Here are some tips while you work on those:

You'd do well to break out the script into functions. Structure can make it easier to spot bugs. If you have

function greet() {
    echo "Hello $(whoami)"

Then your case for that can be simplified to


Which is obviously trivial here but can be more useful for the more complex clauses.

The ';;' is used to terminate an option in a case statement. It's generally placed on a line by itself for even better clarity. Speaking of which, when you have control statements like if/fi or case/esac, it's a good idea to indent the contents as well.

You should also be very careful about variable expansion.

find $STARTLOCATION -name $FILENAME 2> /dev/null

Will do bad things if my FILENAME is

secret-important-files -exec rm {} ;

So quote your arguments

find "$STARTLOCATION" -name "$FILENAME" 2> /dev/null
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Thank you MR. Howard! You're very thorough and straight to the point! Cool guy :D –  user3294840 Feb 11 '14 at 2:58

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