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There is a method that checks if a name already exists :

bool Foo(string name) {
  return Names.Contains(name)

What would be the best name for this method?

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I'd consider isNameExist(string name). –  palacsint Feb 27 '13 at 17:02
Sorry, but a single word request is not a Code Review. Feel free to open a question on Code Review Meta if you'd like to make an argument for including this in the scope, but for now it is off topic. –  codesparkle Feb 27 '13 at 19:58
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It depends on what Names is, where it's populated, and so on.

Possibilities include IsExistingName(), NameAlreadyExists(), IsPreviouslyProcessedName(), and so on. Basically, anything which makes sense after the word "if" (after filling in prepositions) is a good function name.

  • "If [it] is [an] existing name..." -> IsExistingName()
  • "If [the] name already exists..." -> NameAlreadyExists()
  • "If [it] is [a] previously processed name..." -> IsPreviouslyProcessedName()
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