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How do I make this more Ruby like? I want to return the host, for example if the URL is "" then I want to get ''.

Any other sub-domains without 'www' should give the subdomin as well. If the URL is "" then I want '':

def get_domain
  a = @url.split('.')
  a[-1] =  a[-1].gsub(/\//,'')
  if a[0][-3..-1] == "www"
    a[0] = a[0].gsub(/https?:\/\//,'')
  domain = a.join('.')
rescue => e
  puts e.message
end #end of get_domain
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Use URI::parse:

require 'uri'
URI.parse("").host.sub(/^www\./, '')
#=> ""
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This is looking like a custom requirement. By looking at your code, you want to remove http(s) and www. part of the url

def get_custom_domain
  @url.gsub(/^((https?:\/\/)?(www\.)?)/, '')

But it will be better if you give more example of what you exactly want. I have written some specs here Please update it if i am missing some edge case.

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Parsing urls by hand is risky, for example try this one: – tokland Feb 27 '13 at 14:26

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