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I would like to turn the following:

<div>this is a $test</div>


<div>this is a <div>$test</div></div>

currently I have

var regexp = new RegExp('$([^\\s]*)','g'),
    html = '<div>this is a $test</div>',
    matched = html.match(regexp)[0]

if (matched){
   html = html.replace(match, '<div>' + match + '</div>')

which works, but is there a more concise way of doing this?

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Maybe you are optimizing too early here. – Joseph the Dreamer Feb 17 '13 at 0:31
match only returns an array if it found anything, otherwise it just returns null. So be careful there, html.match(regexp)[0] will give you a typeError if no match was found. – Joseph Silber Feb 17 '13 at 1:15
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Sure, use String.replace. As an added bonus, it doesn't fail when there is no match:

'<div>this is a $test</div>'.replace(/(\$\w+)/g, '<div>$1</div>')
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