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I have the following code, but it somehow looks a bit redundant. As I am new to ColdFusion, I am not sure how to optimize it. Can someone suggest an alternative?

<cfparam name="url.idInfopage" default="0">
<cfif  not isNumeric(url.idInfopage)><cfset url.idInfopage= 0></cfif>

<cfif isDefined("stElement.idInfopage") and isNumeric(stElement.idInfopage)>
    <cfset idInfopage= stElement.idInfopage>
    <cfif  idInfopage is ""><cfset idInfopage= 0></cfif> 
    <cfset idInfopage= url.idInfopage>
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What version of CF are you running? – Busches Feb 4 '13 at 16:20
I am using MX7 at the moment. – user160820 Feb 4 '13 at 16:21
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You could re-write it something like this:

<cfif StructKeyExists(stElement,'idInfoPage') AND isNumeric(stElement.idInfopage)>
    <cfset idInfopage = stElement.idInfopage />

<cfelseif StructKeyExists(Url,'idInfoPage') AND isNumeric(Url.idInfopage)>
    <cfset idInfopage = Url.idInfopage />

    <cfset idInfopage = 0 />


Notes on the changes:

If you have a lot of code like this, it might make sense to create a function, something like:

<cfset idInfopage = getNumberOrZero('idInfopage',stElement,Url) />

Then implemented as:

<cffunction name="getNumberOrZero" returntype="numeric" output=false
    hint="Loops through structs (args 2..n) looking for number; else return 0">
    <cfargument name="Key" type="String" required />
    <cfset var i = 0 />

    <cfloop index="i" from=2 to=#ArrayLen(Arguments)#>
        <cfif StructKeyExists(Arguments[i],Arguments.Key)
            AND isNumeric(Arguments[i][Arguments.Key])
            <cfreturn Arguments[i][Arguments.Key] />

    <cfreturn 0 />
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