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My recipes model is as follows

has_many :quantities
has_many :ingredients, :through => :quantities, :uniq => true
has_many :sizes, :through => :quantities, :uniq => true

And the controller action im trying to refactor

class Admin::QuantitiesController < Admin::AdminController
  layout 'admin'

  authorize_resource :class => :controller

  def create
    recipe        = Recipe.find(params[:recipe_id])
    values      = params[:quantity][:ingredient]
    @quantities = Quantity.find(values.keys)

    @quantities_errors = {}
    @quantities.each do |quantity|
        if quantity.value != values[]
            quantity.value = values[]
            if quantity.valid?
                @quantities_errors[] = quantity.errors.messages

    unless @quantities_errors
        redirect_to edit_admin_recipe_path(recipe), notice: 'Ingredients was successfully added.'
        redirect_to edit_admin_recipe_path(recipe), alert: @quantities_errors


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This is confusing. You are editing a recipe, right? (edit_admin_recipe_path), then why are you getting the POST in QuantitiesController#create? It should be in RecipesController#update and use Rails infrastructure (mainly accepts_nested_attributes_for), to remove all this boilerplate. – tokland Jan 26 '13 at 13:39
Thanks ever so much, after your comment I found and managed to get it posting to the recipe model and using accepts_nested_attributes_for. I knew the code was dodgy hence why I posted. I didn't know about accepts_nested_attributes_for before now. – Karl Entwistle Jan 27 '13 at 18:52
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Some notes:

  • This is a edit_admin_recipe form, so you should POST to Admin::RecipesController#update.

  • Use Rails infrastructure for the models (accepts_nested_attributes_for) to save nested data. Controllers must be kept simple and clean.

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