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What is the most elegant and readable way to in include (potentially long) image_tag calls inside of link_to?


<%= link_to image_tag('buckminsterfullerene.png', width: '210', height: '60', alt: 'Molecular structure of Buckminsterfullerene'), 'some_long_path.html', title: 'Buckminsterfullerene', rel: 'tooltip', relative: true %>
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You could create a helper to keep your views less bloated. For example:


def image_link_to(image_path, url, image_tag_options = { }, link_to_options = { })
  link_to url, link_to_options do
    image_tag image_path, image_tag_options


= image_link_to "buckminsterfullerene.png", my_url_helper, { size: '210x60', alt: 'Molecular structure of Buckminsterfullerene' }, { title: 'Buckminsterfullerene', rel: 'tooltip', relative: true }
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