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A suggestion was made to post this question on here, so here is a copy from my original question that I posted on Stack Overflow:

I would like to know how to reverse the individual characters in a string, without reversing the whole string literally. I used the code that is showed below and got the following results. I will also show what the result should be.

  • Input: a29z3
  • Output: a20a3
  • What it should be: z70a6

As you can see, I'm not getting the result that I expected in the beginning. Every individual character should be reversed, but I'm curious how to do this. The result above is what I got with the following code:

static void Main()
        string input = "a29z3";

        //Reverse Letters
        input = input.Replace("a", "z");
        input = input.Replace("b", "y");
        input = input.Replace("c", "x");
        input = input.Replace("d", "w");
        input = input.Replace("e", "v");
        input = input.Replace("f", "u");
        input = input.Replace("g", "t");
        input = input.Replace("h", "s");
        input = input.Replace("i", "r");
        input = input.Replace("j", "q");
        input = input.Replace("k", "p");
        input = input.Replace("l", "o");
        input = input.Replace("m", "n");
        input = input.Replace("n", "m");
        input = input.Replace("o", "l");
        input = input.Replace("p", "k");
        input = input.Replace("q", "j");
        input = input.Replace("r", "i");
        input = input.Replace("s", "h");
        input = input.Replace("t", "g");
        input = input.Replace("u", "f");
        input = input.Replace("v", "e");
        input = input.Replace("w", "d");
        input = input.Replace("x", "c");
        input = input.Replace("y", "b");
        input = input.Replace("z", "a");

        //Reverse numbers
        input = input.Replace("0", "9");
        input = input.Replace("1", "8");
        input = input.Replace("2", "7");
        input = input.Replace("3", "6");
        input = input.Replace("4", "5");
        input = input.Replace("5", "4");
        input = input.Replace("6", "3");
        input = input.Replace("7", "2");
        input = input.Replace("8", "1");
        input = input.Replace("9", "0");


Suggestions and/or examples would be more than welcome!

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If someone suggested Code Review for this to you on SO, they were wrong. CR is for reviewing code that works as intended. For more information, read the FAQ. –  svick Jan 15 '13 at 22:38
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Simplistic iterative implementation:

        string input = "a29z3";
        StringBuilder output = new StringBuilder();

        foreach (char c in input)
            if ((c >= 'a') && (c <= 'z'))
                output.Append((char)('z' - c + 'a'));
            else if ((c >= '0') && (c <= '9'))
                output.Append((char)('9' - c + '0'));


LINQy implementation:

        string input = "a29z3";

        input = input.Aggregate(string.Empty, (s, c) => s + ((c >= 'a') && (c <= 'z') ? (char)('z' - c + 'a') : (c >= '0') && (c <= '9') ? (char)('9' - c + '0') : c));
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Dangit, svick is right in his comment that this is not the forum for fixing broke code, SO is. –  Jesse C. Slicer Jan 15 '13 at 22:44
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